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Buffalo Bulls Men’s Basketball Game Preview: Central Penn College Knights


It’s game day, and the Bulls are taking on Central Penn. I’m going to keep this game preview extremely short because lets face it, UB will not lose this game. Central Penn is not an NCAA team, they’re USCAA D2 team. The USCAA is designed for small schools and sort of community college like teams. The fact that they aren’t even D1 in this league is just not good. If anybody remembers the game against Naz last year, I expect something twice as brutal. So let’s get in to some story lines.

What To Watch For

Dominic Johnson

Yes, Buffalo has activated a football player to their roster. Due to injuries of Ikenna Smart, Brock Bertram and Dontay Caruthers, we are down to seven scholarship players. I think we may see Johnson and the walk ons today and I for one am excited for that.


How do you handle a game you’re going to dominate? If the Bulls are focused and in attack mode, I will be happy. I don’t want to see lazy play and going for the flashy pass. I want them to focus on fundamentals and take this game seriously to grow off of.

Montell McCrae

This is the game for him to build confidence. Central Penn’s tallest player is 6’5 and McCrae is 6’11. If he can’t dominate today, I don’t believe he can be a solid player. I don’t want to put that on him, but it’s just too easy an opponent to feel else wise.

Final Thoughts

This game is going to be frustratingly easy. I’m upset that this game is on the schedule, because I feel that this is not what this team needs. With Cuse and A&M coming up,I want the Bulls to stay intense and focus and something like this may be a mistake to have scheduled. Either way, enjoy the show today, hope for exciting dunks, and as always, go Bulls!