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Please let NIU be this lazy in their game planning
Western Michigan

When someone picks a tie in BRuWPeG all you can do is quote the great Pepper Brooks, “Its A Bold Strategy Cotton, Lets See If It Pays Off For Em”. Well this week it paid off-ish for HomeyG1.

He picked a tie between the teams which, on the surface, surrendered any chance at the “winner point”. But since not only did four quarters end with a tie but six overtimes! So we’re going to throw a point at him for the pick and give him the weekly winner point.

W1: Desert Bull

W2: LK4

W3: David Brand

W4: MartinDB

W5: Majortomxiii

W6: HomeyG1

The game was one of the most exciting I’ve ever seen in my life, the BRuWPeG not so much...

Robby took the week off, allowing Tim and Dave to climb closer to him but all three are still way behind the lead pack.

This week showed that the Bulls can throw up points with anyone in the conference. Even before six overtimes of stat packing UB had scored 31 points on Western Michigan.

Suddenly I don’t see any game on our schedule which is not Winnable-ish...

The down side to losing that game is UB still needs three wins for a Bowl. We can assume the leading contenders for those games are Akron, Ball State, Bowling Green, and Miami. But that means if they drop any two of these games they fall short.


They can steal a win from NIU, or Ohio.

Whaat do you think BRuWPeggers... How Winnable-ish is this weekends game?