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WMU The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Buffalo v Western Michigan Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Good:

Offensive Scheme - I’m not thrilled at the run / pass balance but overall the offensive coaches put together a fantastic scheme for Western Michigan. Aside from a drive or two in the game the Bronco’s defense was out of place at least once or twice on every drive.

Drew Anderson’s performance - Anderson put together the best game I have ever seen a UB quarterback play. Anderson’s 597 yards is the highest in MAC single game history and his eight touchdowns is tied for most scores in conference history.

The Offense was amazing, even before scoring 37 points in overtime.

I’m still not in the camp that thinks we have a quarterback controversy, but I’ll at least give some respect to people who think that one is brewing. At the very least we are in a place where Tyree Jackson can take the time to heal up properly.

And as good has his numbers were they could have been better, which brings us to the bad.

The Bad:

Receivers Hands - There were a lot of dropped balls, 11 by my eyes count. One or two of them would have been pretty good catches but the vast majority were just plain drops.

The Ugly:

Tackling - I get that WMU is a great running team but there was a lot of arm tackling going on.

Officiating in the 6th/7th OT - The OPI in the sixth overtime on UB’s two point conversion was bunk but more than that there were at least two blatant holds not called on WMU’s winning possession.