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Buffalo Bulls Opponent Results - Week 4

Boston College v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images
Result W L Conf Conf Record
Albany W 20 - 9 vs St Fransis 4 0 CAA 1-0
Nevada L 24-14 at Purrude 2 2 MWC 0-0
Army L 23-20 at Buffalo 3 1 IND -
Boston College W 42-10 vs Wagner 2 2 ACC 0-2
Kent L 48-0 at Alabama 1 3 MAC 0-0
Ball State W 31-27 at FAU 3 1 MAC 0-0
N. Illinois L 28-23 vs WIU 0 4 MAC 0-0
Akron L 38-45 vs Appy 2 2 MAC 0-0
Ohio W 37-21 vs G.Webb 2 2 MAC 0-0
Miami L 20-27 at Cincy 0 4 MAC 0-0
W.Michigan W 49-31 vs Georgia Sth 4 0 MAC 0-0
Bowling Green L 77-3 at Memphis 1 3 MAC 0-0
Total Week - 7-5 24 24 0.500

It’s going to be a lot more fun doing one of these after win than it has been after the recent losses!

So right off the bat how about Albany? The Danes are 4-0 and should be ranked inside of, or very near, the top 20 this week. They are still FCS and we still should have won that game but back in 2009 Temple lost to Villinaova in the only “FBS/FCS Trophy game” I’ve ever heard of...

The Owls went on to have a solid season that included a bowl bid.

Nevada hung with Purdue but eventually lost by 10. It’s kind of hard to figure out the Wolf Pack out at this point. Struggled with an FCS team, got beaten soundly by the Irish, bashed Buffalo, and played Purdue decently.

All you need to know about Army is here.

Boston College found their offense against an FCS foe. Let’s hope they spent all of their points versus Wagner.

For all MAC results (except Buffalo of course) check out Hustle Belt...

Kent was shut out by Bama, but what did anyone expect.

Ball State played a good game against FAU. They showed some character when they came back in the second half. I had this game marked as a win when the season started but at 3-1 Ball State is looking like a real challenge. If we lose to Ball State where can we make that game up?

NIU dropped to 0-4 with a loss to FCS in state challenger Western Illinois. Of course it could have been worse; it could have been against Illinois State. This is easily the worst NIU team of the past 9 or so years.

Akron followed up a thumping of Marshall with a slow start and eventually one score loss to Appalachian State. App-State is a solid team and a while a win would have clearly put Akron as the only team you’d expect to challenge Ohio, a close game says there can still be a race in the East.

Ohio took care of their FCS game while Miami pushed Cincinnati to the brink but came up short.

Western Michigan took care of previously undefeated Georgia Southern. At 4-0 expect the Bronco’s to get some votes in the AP and coaches poll. They have beaten two Big10 teams, a 3-0 belt team, and dropped 70 points on their FCS game of the year.

Finally there is Bowling Green, who were obliterated 77-3 by Memphis. The Falcons are now 1-3 and their only win was a 27-26 victory over an FCS team when North Dakota failed a two point conversion with 13 seconds remaining.

In their three FBS games against Ohio State, Middle Tennessee, and Memphis, the Falcons have been outscored 195-34. Let that sink in... We are one missed two point conversion from Bowling Green and NIU being a combined 0-8...