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Buffalo Baseball Swept By Kent - UB Now Has A Hard Road To The PostSeason

The Buffalo Bulls remained winless in extra inning games this season as they fell 5-4 to Kent state in the series opener. That was their window to win as Kent took the next two games by scores of 5-0 and 12-2. The series sweep of Buffalo combined with action around the MAC put's UB in last place and all but out of the postseason picture.

# Team W L %
1 Kent State 17 4 0.810
2 Ball State 14 7 0.667
3 Miami 11 7 0.611
4 Northern Illinois 12 9 0.571
5 Eastern Michigan 9 9 0.500
6 Central Michigan 8 10 0.444
7 Western Michigan 8 10 0.444
8 Toledo 8 10 0.444
9 Bowling Green 6 12 0.333
10 Ohio 6 12 0.333
11 Buffalo 6 15 0.286

Other than  getting swept by Kent Buffalo was most hurt by Toledo's surprising sweep of Northern Illinois. That weekend moved the rockets from the bottom of the standings all the way up to 8th place.

Ohio went 1-2 against Central Michigan which kept the Bobcats on pace with Bowling Green They have CMU and WMU left so it's within their power to move from 10th into the post season if they get hot.

Buffalo is not only in last place but they have fewer games to make up ground than the other two teams who are out of playoff contention.

The following eliminates UB from the postseason
  • Toledo winning two games (6 remaining)
  • Ohio winning two games (6 remaining)
  • BGSU winning four games (6 remaining - three against UB)
  • UB losing two games (3 remaining)

To Make The Postseason.

Because Bowling Green and Ohio each have two series left this get's a little comnplicated and I am sure that there is more than a few scenarios left for Buffalo but this, I think, is the most navigable path.

1 - Buffalo must win the Bowling Green Series a sweep would be better

  • If BGSU sweeps Kent we need to sweep BGSU
  • Otherwise we need tow win two games

2 - Ohio, Central Michigan, and WMU all have a series left against the others. Ohio has a tie breaker over the Bulls and UB has not, and will not, play CMU or WMU.

  • Option 1 - UB can not win fewer games against Bowling Green than Ohio wins against CMU and WMU
  • Option 2 - Ohio sweeps CMU or WMU and the next week, when the Chip and Broncos play, one sweeps the other (or just wins one game)

3 - Toledo has Ball State and Eastern Michigan left. We need the Rockets to win no more than one of these games because at nine games they are the only team over whom we would have a tie breaker.

  • Buffalo must win as many games in their one series as the red hot Rockets win in their combined series.