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White North Wednesday - Your 2016 CFL / Buffalo Bulls Interest Schedule

Trevor Hagan/Getty Images

With Dillon Guy getting picked up by the BC Lions in the fourth round of last nights CFL draft the Bulls now have alumni on five of the nine teams in the Canadian Football League. That mans this year that most CFL games feature one or more players that hold interest for Buffalo Bulls' fans.

CFL Games With A UB Bull
Fri Jun 24 MTL WPG 8:00PM Fri Aug 26 SSK EDM 10:00PM
Sat Jun 25 OTT EDM 7:00PM Wed Aug 31 BC TOR 7:30PM
Sat Jun 25 CGY BC 10:00PM Thu Sep 1 OTT MTL 7:30PM
Thu Jun 30 OTT MTL 7:00PM Sun Sep 4 WPG SSK 3:00PM
Thu Jun 30 TOR SSK 10:00PM Mon Sep 5 EDM CGY 2:30PM
Fri Jul 1 BC HAM 7:00PM Mon Sep 5 TOR HAM 6:00PM
Fri Jul 1 WPG CGY 10:00PM Fri Sep 9 MTL BC 9:30PM
Thu Jul 7 WPG HAM 7:00PM Sat Sep 10 SSK WPG 4:00PM
Thu Jul 7 TOR BC 10:00PM Sat Sep 10 CGY EDM 7:00PM
Fri Jul 8 CGY OTT 7:00PM Sat Sep 17 TOR WPG 2:00PM
Fri Jul 8 SSK EDM 10:00PM Sat Sep 17 OTT CGY 5:00PM
Wed Jul 13 OTT TOR 7:00PM Sun Sep 18 EDM SSK 4:30PM
Thu Jul 14 EDM WPG 8:00PM Fri Sep 23 TOR OTT 7:00PM
Sat Jul 16 BC SSK 7:00PM Fri Sep 23 BC EDM 10:00PM
Thu Jul 21 CGY WPG 8:00PM Sat Sep 24 WPG CGY 4:00PM
Fri Jul 22 OTT SSK 8:30PM Sat Sep 24 HAM SSK 9:30PM
Sat Jul 23 HAM EDM 7:00PM Fri Sep 30 EDM WPG 8:00PM
Thu Jul 28 WPG EDM 8:30PM Sat Oct 1 OTT BC 10:00PM
Fri Jul 29 SSK MTL 7:00PM Sun Oct 2 TOR MTL 1:00PM
Fri Jul 29 BC CGY 10:00PM Fri Oct 7 SSK OTT 7:00PM
Sun Jul 31 TOR OTT 7:30PM Sat Oct 8 BC WPG 4:00PM
Wed Aug 3 HAM WPG 8:00PM Mon Oct 10 EDM MTL 12:30PM
Thu Aug 4 BC MTL 7:00PM Fri Oct 14 OTT HAM 7:00PM
Thu Aug 4 SSK CGY 10:00PM Fri Oct 14 WPG BC 10:00PM
Sat Aug 6 EDM OTT 7:00PM Sat Oct 15 SSK TOR 4:00PM
Thu Aug 11 MTL EDM 8:30PM Fri Oct 21 HAM OTT 7:00PM
Fri Aug 12 WPG TOR 7:00PM Fri Oct 21 TOR CGY 10:00PM
Sat Aug 13 CGY SSK 7:00PM Sat Oct 22 MTL SSK 4:00PM
Sat Aug 13 HAM BC 10:00PM Sat Oct 22 EDM BC 7:00PM
Fri Aug 19 MTL OTT 7:00PM Fri Oct 28 EDM HAM 7:00PM
Fri Aug 19 CGY BC 10:00PM Sat Oct 29 OTT WPG 4:00PM
Sat Aug 20 EDM TOR 4:00PM Sat Oct 29 BC SSK 7:00PM
Sat Aug 20 SSK HAM 7:00PM Fri Nov 4 WPG OTT 7:00PM
Thu Aug 25 BC OTT 7:00PM Sat Nov 5 TOR EDM 4:00PM
Fri Aug 26 WPG MTL 7:00PM Sat Nov 5 SSK BC 7:00PM

Winnipeg Blue Bombers:

The big name in the CFL is Drew Willy. He missed a good portion of last season with an injury and it can be said that the Winnipeg offense missed Willy. The team played dreadfully in his absence finishing near the bottom of the league.

The Bombers are riding the longest Grey Cup drought in CFL history. And patience is starting to run thin.


Ernest Jackson was part of a receiver trio which lifted Ottawa from recent expansion doormat into a team that nearly made magic in last season's Grey Cup championship game.

Joining the REDBLACKS last season as a free agent was Jake Silas. After surviving a season on the practice squad Silas received a contract last winter.

Edmonton Eskimos:

Natey Adjei was drafted by Toronto back in 2012. After finishing school he entered the CFL and played a minor role in the Argonauts offense for the next two seasons.

After a few highlights in 2015 he caught the attention of Edmonton and hopes to break through with them this season.

BC Lions:

Dillon Guy expected to go very early in the CFL draft, some experts had him as a top five pick going into the night. Unfortunately his knee injury made a lot of teams skittish and he fell down to the fourth round.

He ended up in BC on a lions team that already had drafted a lineman high up. So it may be a dogfight to land on the roster this year.

Saskatchewan RoughRiders:

Riderville is the home of Naaman Roosevelt. After a couple of stints in the NFL Roosevelt ended followed Drew Willy's example and decided to take a crack at professional football in Canada.

He was a practice squad player for a part of the year but when he hit the field Roosevelt shined. He became one of the Riders' most prolific receivers of the season and game for game one of the better receivers in the CFL.