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NFL Draft 2016 John Kling Signed by the Chicago Bears after the NFL Draft

John Kling, the massive figure who has been a fixture on Buffalo's offensive line since taking over for an injured teammate in his sophomore year is going to get a chance to play on Sundays. The 6'7, 315 pound Kling was just picked up by the Chicago Bears shortly after the draft.

Kling was not invited to the NFL combine but his numbers at UB's pro-day would have put him above a good number of the linemen being evaluated in Indianapolis. He has the size and has shown the power and athleticism of a player who can be on an NFL offensive line.

What remains to be seen is if he has the to skill get him onto an NFL roster. Two Bulls in the FBS made it onto NFL rosters as NFL Offensive linemen. The first was Jamie Richard who had a nice career with the Colts and the second is Kristjan Sokoli who was a nose tackle at UB but was drafted last year by Seattle.

Bull Run will be following Kling and all the Bulls in NFL camps this spring. For more coverage of the Bears camp, be sure to check out Windy City Gridiron