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Back To Buffalo Shirt Now Available In The Bull Run Store

Take your victory lap, and take it in style.

Over the years we at Bull Run weighed in many times on the skirmish I will call the NYBI campaign. I was, for the entirety, 100 percent behind the departments effort to promote the school nation wide as the largest most comprehensive university in the state, because we are, and the efforts to promote the school as the states Athletic flagship, because we are.

So in our very tiny store we I put up a couple of shirts supporting the idea. If you want a retro shirt to commemorate your time in "Camp NYBI" here they are.

I ❤ NYBI New York
All Bull Run Shirts

But this is not a post to fight for NYBI. I'm not going to be Hiroo Onoda waiting for Danny White to come relieve me of my post. We lost, and that's it. When the university decided to force all of UB's schools and departments into the same mold I said.

None of that mattered to the naysayers, and the naysayers played the media and politics better than we did. UB was too busy winning more MAC titles in three years of NYBI then 13 previous seasons. UB was too busy setting attendance records. UB was too busy increasing not only the scope but the depth of their media presence. -- The NYBI Wars are over. The Provincials Won

Now that were in the post NYBI world it's time for a post NYBI look. To help the victors in our community we have added a new shirt to the Bull Run Store. One that says "Hell yea, NYBI is dead and I'm happy about that".

Back To Buffalo on Gamedaydepot

The shirt comes in Black, Grey, and White.

Like all of our shirts the "Back to Buffalo" shirt is printed digitally using state of the art direct-to-garment printing methods and are produced on demand as they are ordered. They generally ship within 10 business days unless you select one of the quicker "Speed" options (either "Hurry" or "Rush Guaranteed"). Standard shipping ($4.95 per order) is via USPS First Class or Priority with tracking and generally takes 2-3 more days from the day it ships to get to any address in the U.S. Sorry, no returns or cancellations for custom products such as these once they are printed.