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Buffalo Bulls Spring Game Questions: Quarterback

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Four years of stability behind center is a rare gift for a college football program. UB's twice had it during their Division I history and not surprisingly each four-year starter took the Bulls to a bowl game. When Drew Willy left UB had an heir apparent in Zach Maynard, although he left when Turner Gill left.

This time, however, there is no clear-cut choice to take the reins. Back when the season ended I would have put my money on Tyree Jackson, an impressively-built three star quarterback who we wrested from the hands of PJ Fleck and Western Michigan and late interest from Connecticut and Pittsburgh.

After the season, Grant Rohach transferred into UB with a year left to play. Rohach started five games in his Iowa State career, leading ISU to back to back victories in in 2013. During his Cyclone career he completed 137 of 245 career passes for 1,459 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Suddenly it was no longer a race between Jackson and Chris Merchant, a sophomore from Ontario.

When the team scrimmages it's usually Rohach who takes the opening snaps but UB Coach Lance Leipold has yet to name an official starter.

Our own Robby Johnson made it to this evening's scrimmage and saw all four quarterbacks throw.

As expected, Jackson looks the most athletic and has shown a great arm in the short passes. Many who have watched UB this spring have commented on how the 6-5 Jackson is probably "the future" even if this season he ends up Rohach's backup.

For his part, the Iowa State transfer showed a bit more on the long ball, leaving Coach Leipold with an interesting choice. The tall, young, mobile passer, or the guy who is more likely to put the deep ball where you want it.

At this point it looks like Rohach, then Jackson, then Merchant. It's what The Buffalo News has been saying and it's what things looked like today when Bull Run showed up for practice.

Things should clear up in a few days when the Bulls have their spring game. There is still no word on if it will be a game or just a scrimmage, given UB's bare-bones depth on the offensive line.