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Bull Rundown - They Should Have Kept Gill

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Rundown

Today in Bull: Ready for this? Because there is a lot of action today.

Track - MAC Championships @ Akron

Swimming and Diving - Women's MAC Championship

Softball - Playing in Virginia against Quinnipiac (9:00) and again against Hampton (1:00)

Tennis - The Women and Men are both playing versus Youngstown

Baseball - The Bulls play their first of three against Tennessee Martin

Yesterday's News:

Megan Burns broke the 50 yard freestyle MAC Championship record, MAC record, Cooper Pool record, UB record, and hit an NCAA B Cut with her time of 22.16 in the opening leg of the 200 freestyle relay. Matt recapped all the day two action.

Conrad has been running though how he would set up UB's out of conference schedule. The final part of his equation is winninable G5 games in recruiting areas which are important to UB.

UB Womens hoops is in line for a home game to start the MAC tournament. Here are the takeaways from the most recent victory.

From the Fanshots:

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On the Docket: Expect to see some WBB takeaways later today.

Elsewhere: Kansas Should have kept Turner Gill!

I love watching Kansas toil in obscurity on the football field. They Gave Turner Gill just two seasons to compete in the Big-12 with sub par facilities and a school that was reeling from the media feces storm which hit them because of Gill's predecessor

Gill went 5-19 and was canned. His replacement went 5-22 and got canned three games into his third year.

The guy who replaced Gill's replacement went 0-12 last season.

Gill of course went to Liberty where he won the Big South his first three seasons and then took the Flames to the playoffs.

Now more trouble for KU.

Two KU Football Players Arrested - Rock Chalk Talk
The Lawrence Journal-World is reporting that two KU football players were arrested over the weekend after a robbery early Saturday morning near Jayhawker Towers.

The players named in the police report are CB Eric Rivers (Jr) and LB Kendall Duckworth (So).\\


Carry on Kansas, Carry on.