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MAC Power Rankings

Jason Mowry-USA TODAY Sports

With one week left WMU is poised to run the table. They have been #1 in our power rankings going all the way back to the pre-season.

Team Points LW Δ Comment
1 WMU 1.0 1 0 The Bronco's kept rolling but will it be enough to keep up with Boise?
2 TOL 2.0 2 0 Toledo can still win the west, but they've had a bad track record in these "win the west" games
3 OHIO 4.0 3 0 Ohio had a chance to seal the MAC east away but their defense let them down in the 1st half
3 EMU 4.0 4 1 Despite letting NIU come back from 21-0 there are still no tears in Ypsi as the Eagls are Bowling
5 MIA 4.5 5 0 If you said 6 weeks ago that the 0-6 RedHawks would have a shot at a East title I'd have laughed
6 CMU 6.0 6 0 CMU badly needed a win. It got the Bowl Eligible and snapped a three game losing streak.
7 NIU 7.0 8 1 Moral victory for the huskies who can end the season with back to back wins if they beat Kent
8 BSU 8.0 7 -1 Ball State won't be bowling courtesy of Toledo. But they can Spoil Miami's run.
9 AKR 9.0 10 1 Kron needs a win to go bowling... Beating Ohio could also hand the East to Miami.
10 BG 10.0 11 1 BG sure did disappoint this season, but they could finish on a three game run if they down UB
11 KENT 11.0 9 -2 Not much to say about Kent.... They're Kent again.
12 BUF 12.0 12 0 UB seems to have given up on the season.

Buffalo started the season at eighth, fell fast, and only bounced back into the top ten after beating Army. It's been that kind of year.