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Mid American Conference Power Rankings

Jason Mowry-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo is once again in the cellar of our weekly power rankings. It marks the fifth time in seven weeks, since the season opened, that our staff has UB ranked last. About the only thing more consistent is WMU's ownership of the top spot in the conference.

Rank Team W7
1 WMU 1
2 TOL 2
3 EMU 4
4 OHIO 4.3
4 CMU 4.3
6 AKR 5.3
7 NIU 8
8 BSU 8.7
9 KENT 9
10 MIA 9.7
11 BG 10.3
12 BUF 11.7

But it's not unanimous.

Matt still believes that Bowling Green is the weakest team in the conference, and that's what keeps UB from sweeping the 12 spot in our poll.

EMU holds onto the three despite losing to Western Michigan. Matt dinged them for the loss but both Tim and Robby held them at the three spot because, well, WMU is that good and the Eagles kept the game close for a really long time.

Ohio and CMU are the next two in, tied with 4.3 points. Akron rounds up the top half of the MAC and there is a big drop off after that.

NIU and BSU bottom out the MAC West. The Huskies pounded UB but their 2-6 record on the season is still something that will keep them from passing any of the better teams.

And it's a shame UB is soooooo bad this year because honestly the East is up for grabs. You have Ohio and Akron but between Kent, Miami, and Bowling Green a "good" east team should have three conference wins secured.

But we're not a good team.

Disagree with out rankings? Who would you move where?