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Daily Open Thread: Sleep In Saturday

I sure hope you got your rest this morning because it's a busy day!

I got the baby down early last night and I fully intended to get to the open thread post but to be honest I just kind of had a "friends / person of interest" marathon with the wife. So now I'm late!

The Rundown

Yesterday: Matt previewed Tennis and talked about new school records being set at Penn State.

Today in Bull: Track warmed us up for the return of UB sports and they are back with a vengeance today!

* Hoops - Men at Toledo, Women at NIU

* Swim - Women at Toledo, Men in Columbus for a matchup with Ohio State/Michigan/West Virginia

* Track - Several Bulls advanced to the next rounds during the Penn State Invitational, other members of the team are at the spire meet in Geneva.

* Tennis - Women are at the UConn Invite and the Men are taking on Yale and Monmouth.

Yesterday's News: Matt looked at incoming UB lineman Jake Fuzak. Tim remembered back to last basketball season when people were panicking early on.

On the Docket: We have a lot of material coming up this weekend. With so many teams competing