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Bull Rundown Daily Open Thread: Frickin' Underwater WiFi

Almost to the end of the work week, readers, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Still no UB teams in action today, but hopefully a good chat here will keep you occupied.

The Rundown

Today in Bull: That was a very hard two days off for us...

After two day's with not UB sports there is some action today as the Bulls track teams head down to Penn State for the Penn State National Invite.

We will do our best to follow the action live and use this post as an open thread.

Yesterday's News: Matt looked at incoming UB lineman Jake Fuzak. Tim remembered back to last basketball season when people were panicking early on.

From the Fanshots: A great interview with Donyell Marshall.

On the Docket: It's a very busy weekend for UB and that will mean over the next two days you can expect Tennis, Swim, Hoops (lads and ladies), and wrestling previews.


Is your underwater evil lairs wifi reception totes slow? Well UB Engineering is pioneering some research to increase underwater bandwidth, which is stuck at 1990's AOL speed, by a factor of ten.

James Starks becomes a free agaent in March. The last time he hit the market there were questions about his durability. This time around Starks changed his style and has not missed a game due to injury in two full seasons.