Double play wraps up at WVU for Women's tennis


These are the brackets from WVU. Quick rundown before a full recap tomorrow:

UB has both finalists in the top flight in Tanja Stojanovska and Chantal Martinez Blanco. They had two semifinalists in the B flight, but Margarita Kotok and Sanjana Sudhir each lost and will play tomorrow for third place. Laura Holterbosch is in the D flight final, and Christine Haraldson in the round-robin E Flight has clinched at least a tie for the top and can win the flight outright tomorrow.

In doubles, Stojanovska/Holterbosch and Sudhir/Blanco lost in the B and C Flight finala.

The big story here is Dayan Agasieva appears to be injured. She forfeited out of the consolation in Flight D singles, and she and Kotok did not contend for third place in A doubles.