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Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Since Tommy Murphy has been moved up to Colorado I thought I would run baseball updates through the end of the season. There is next to no chance that Tampa Bay makes the playoffs and Colorado has already been eliminated and Tampa Bay is on the brink.

But bad news aside it was a good week for UB Baseball because Tommy Murphy, after slow start, came out in a big way. It took him four games to get a hit but only another at bat to get his second, and a home run at that.

Rockies trounce Padres 10-to-2 - Purple Row
The Rockies jumped on Robbie Erlin early. In the first, five singles and a walk resulted in four runs for the Rockies. Tom Murphy's first career hit was one of those singles, and he got his first career RBI along with it. A Charlie Blackmon double and a Nolan Arenado single in the second made it 5-to-0 in favor of the Rockies.
The Rockies added on in the fourth inning. A double, a walk, and two singles combined to add three more runs and make it an 8-to-1 game. In the fifth inning, the Rockies added to the lead even further, as Tom Murphy hit his first career home run. It was a solo shot to make it a 9-to-1 Rockies.

Geltz is having a decent year but not finishing strong and the guys over at D-Rays Bay are noticing.

Rays pitchers: Credit and blame - DRaysBay
Steve Geltz is an average pitcher. Both his 3.78 ERA and his 3.94 FIP are right on the league average. But after a clutch start to the season, Geltz has tended to be a bit worse in the more important situations, and a bit better in the less important ones, and that's why he comes in here as losing nearly a full game compared to the average expectation. Sequencing like that is one reason why the Rays won't be making the playoffs this year.

It's always hard to beat up on a short reliever because one off day can throw off a month of good results. In his last eight games Geltz has given up just 1 run. But the game before they he got shelled by Oakland for four runs.

On the year he has been effective, playing in 68 games so far this season.