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Who owns the jersey? #98

With 98 Days until the 102nd season of UB Football we preview #98 Christian Gonzalez

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Summer is over. It is countdown to kickoff season. In 2012, Bull Run wanted you to "Know Your Bulls" In 2013 Bull Run took you on the "Road to Columbus" This year Bull Run asks "Who Owns the Jersey?" We will countdown from jersey number 99 to jersey number 1 both previewing the current owner of the jersey and the FBS-era all-time owner of the jersey.

Who is wearing #98 in 2015?

Christian Gonzalez

Hometown: Newark, New Jersey

Year: Freshman

Position: Defensive Tackle

Bio: Christian left Malcolm X Shabazz High School in 2014 and attended the Milford Academy in the fall before enrolling at UB this January. Gonzalez was ranked the #120 prospect in New Jersey in 2014 and the #18 Prep School prospect in 2015 and was a Rivals 3-star prospect.

Outlook: Looks to play backup to Max Perisse. As UB moves from the 3-3-3-2? defense, to a traditional 4-3, it will be interesting to see if Leipold will cycle two units in, in which case you'll see more Gonzalez in 2015, or stick with one unit, which would likely see Gonzalez redshirt in 2015.

Who Owns #98?

No One.

Many people have donned the 98, but few have stayed. Notable 98's were Phil Jacques, Adam Tanalski, and Rashad Jean. That said, Jacques changed to #37, Tanalaski to #39 and Jean to #35.