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Road To Columbus - Beau Bachtelle

The Road to 2013 is a countdown to the kickoff of the 2013 football season. It will look at every single UB football player as we pick them up from their hometowns and drop them off at Ohio Stadium for the season opener on August 31st.

Welcome to:

Tuolumne City, CA

Population - 1779
Home Of

Beau Bachtelle

Miles Traveled

0 0 0 0
2013 UB Football


UB Stadium


UB at Ohio St.


Year: Senior
Position: Defensive Line
High School: Summerville

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2011 Highlights: Named first team all-conference at Modesto Junior College

2012 Highlights: Beau did not start, but saw playing time in every game in 2012. He had 11 tackles, including 3 against Georgia and 5 against Kent State.

2013 Outlook: UB has 11 defensive linemen on roster, Colby Way has a spot, leaving 10 players to fight for the next 5 spots: 2 starting spots, and 3 top reserve spots that will likely see action. As of now, Beau is slated to be one of the 3 starters on the line. He'll have the daunting task of filling the shoes of 5th round pick Steven Means.

Nickname (I just made up): The Beaudozer

How a California kid earns respect in Buffalo: