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What is Shannon Evans saying about his transfer from Buffalo?

We've talked it over both as the news broke and as we learned more during that afternoon. I think it would be useful just to present quotes that I can find without trying to add anything of my own on.

Here's all the quotes available from Shannon Evans' decision to transfer away from Buffalo, and subsequent agreement to at least reconsider.

From the Spectrum:

"I felt like I wasn't one of [White's] first priorities," Evans said. "I felt like I wasn't important to him. I felt like my future is very important to me. I wanted to go somewhere where somebody wants the best for my future."

"I felt like there were things that should have been handled better from the administration," Evans said. "There's a lot of egos in the administration. I don't agree with a lot of decisions they make and a lot of the things they do."

"It doesn't feel the same not that Hurley is gone," Evans said. "Everything is kind of shady. I didn't feel that vibe when I first got here."

A tweet sent to the public - since deleted - shortly following John Snyder's initial piece on

I felt like i did a few good things here in buffalo, it amazes me that I can't even sit down with the AD & discuss my future! — Shannon Evans II TM (@hollywood_XI) April 20, 2015

From Snyder's follow-up piece:

"If he gives me my release, I would definitely consider staying here at Buffalo,

"I really can't close the door (on Buffalo) because this is like home to me," Evans said. "I consider Buffalo home. I don't want to close the door on it because he said they still want me and things like that. I'm going to talk to Nate Oats. I'm going to see how this release comes out."

"I'm not closing the door on Buffalo," Evans said. "I love this city way too much to completely close the door on it."

From Mark Gaughan's piece in The Buffalo News:

"I want to be able to show NBA scouts and overseas scouts that I belong," Evans said. "It's more of a personal decision."

Evans said he has been wrestling with the decision on his future for a couple weeks.

"I was on the fence about everything," he said. "The fact that my best friend, my father figure, coach Hurley, left that hit home with me. I'm not mad at him for that. But I've been on the fence. I've had mixed emotions. I talked to my family."

"I love coach Oats," he said. "He's a great guy, a great coach, this is nothing bad towards him. I think he'll do great. He'll do big things here."

"I wanted to talk to Danny White today," Evans said. "I saw him. He said, ‘I've got to do this, I've got to do this. Talk to Nate Oats, I told him everything.' . . . It's like he was in a rush."

"They're basically going to block all the schools I want to talk to," Evans said. "I just feel like they don't want my best interests and what's best for me personally, and I really don't like that. I feel like if I want my release, OK, any MAC school, I understand. But they shouldn't block me from any school in a higher conference than Buffalo."

"That's giving me a chance to potentially play in the NBA one day, and I want to have that opportunity," Evans said. "It hit me real hard today. That's when I decided I'm not going to stay."

"I really want to give a lot of love to the Buffalo fans," he said. "I feel like they adopted me and I feel like I'm a Buffalonian at heart. The community supported me from Day One. Our student section, True Blue, did a tremendous job of embracing me. But it's moreso a personal decision, and a decision for my future."


There are of course also some quotes from Danny White.  Again, without my own opinion.

And from The Spectrum:

White ASU tampering quote