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Do teams shoot better from the floor against Buffalo? Part 2

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Matt broke down the shooting percentages and showed us that UB was actually doing better than you would assume at holding opponents to their average shooting. However his final paragraph got me thinking:

in the MAC, nobody's really shooting the lights out for a full 40.

A full 40 eh? Challenge accepted.

I broke down shooting by opponent (minus the UB games), by half and by type of shot, 2, 3 and overall.

Overall, UB has held their opponents to lower shooting rates, but the defense is worse than average in the 2nd half. When UB wins, they keep their opponents below average in all facets, and hold their opponents 5% below their normal 3 pt rate. In losses, UB's opponents shoot 5.6% better from 3, 5.9% better from the field in the 2nd half and an amazing 11.67% better from beyond the arc in the 2nd half.

In MAC play, UB has pretty much allowed their opponents to shoot at their average rate. In MAC wins three pointers were key again, UB holds teams 5% below their average rate and 7% below their average rate in the 2nd half. In losses, three pointers are skewed by Toledo and CMU having crazy games against the Bulls.

MAC games follow, with opponents scoring over average shaded yellow, and opponents scoring 5% over normal shaded blue.

In 15 MAC games, UB's MAC opponents exceeded their season average by 5% in at least one half, 10 times. 6 of the 10 times in the second half. Eight times in MAC play a team has exceeded their average three point shooting.