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Buffalo Bulls Army Black Knights Key Play

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

There's only two nominees for Key Play of the Game this week, so there's no poll down below, but feel free to in the comments add in your two cents, either on our selected plays or one that you thought stood out.

Feel free to put up negative plays, of course. We certainly have.

John McWhinnie:

My play of the week has to be the Bulls' final offensive play, the draw of 4th down with the game on the line. In a game that showcased Quinn/Tepperball, I wasn't surprised at the playcall. Why run a draw play on 4th down after going for a bomb? Why run a draw when there's less than a minute left and you have no timeouts? Why? Because Jeff Quinn, that's why. I give a lot of credit to Army, they played one heck of a football game and they took advantage of our glaring weaknesses on defense and at coaching.

Matt Gritzmacher:

My play of the game has to be the halfback pass from Jordan Johnson that Matt Weiser dropped to end the Bulls' first drive of the second half. At the time, though not feeling that optimistic, I figured a touchdown, a stop, and a touchdown would get us within 4 before the end of the third quarter.

For all the questionable decisions in this game - and there were many - I absolutely loved this play call. Johnson was a high school quarterback, and the play worked. Weiser was wide open. Johnson threw the pass.

I don't like playing the "what if?" game, but if Weiser holds onto that, it's a touchdown. Still a long way to go in both time and deficit to overcome, but that was a great, aggressive play call that like so much else on the day just didn't work.

The defense got their stop the next drive, too.