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Player of the Week - Week 2

And the this weeks game ball goes to...junior Wide Receiver Marcus McGill!

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

This was a tough week to really pick a UB player that really stood out and had a fantastic performance from start to finish of the Bulls' 47-39 loss to the Army Black Knights this past Saturday, but, junior wide receiver Marcus McGill continued a trend of receivers stepping up when it counts.

I was tempted to nominate Joe Licata, but 3 costly interceptions really killed it for me. However, McGill's 7 receptions for 128 yards and two touchdowns were all career bests, and it included a sweet 65 yard catch and run down the sideline for a touchdown, and several impressive leaping grabs that really grabbed my attention.

I loved the way that McGill wasn't afraid to go up and get the ball in traffic when he knew that he would get drilled, and I especially loved that McGill wasn't afraid to lower his shoulder and knock around the defensive backs when given the chance. While it was a forgettable game for most of the Bulls, McGill has shown himself to be a capable outside receiver and it looks like the receiving corps, which was targeted by many in the preseason as a weakness, is turning into a strength.

Congratulations Marcus and keep up the hard work!

Honorable Mention

Editor Matt Gritzmacher sent me this nomination for player of the week and while it was beat out in the voting I think it deserves a mention:

Army QB Angel Santiago

My player of the game is Army QB Angel Santiago. It's hard to run the triple option well because you have to delay the 'option' decision as long as possible. It's hard just to consistently keep all the running options a credible threat, let alone introduce the passing game into the mix because you've got defenders biting so hard on the inside run threats. Thanks to Santiago's efforts at the point of the option, Army's seven touchdowns were scored by an incredible six different players.

So who was your player of the week? Do you agree with our choice? Disagree? Sound off in the comments below.