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Ask the Army Expert

Sal Interdonato who I did not get a chance to meet last night on Last Bull In answered my tough questions on the upcoming game.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

1. Fans thoughts on Monken and how has his tenure been so far in West Point?

Jeff Monken is changing the culture at West Point. Monken has brought added discipline and toughness. He wants everything to be as close to perfect as possible and the players are starting to buy in. I didn't hear many complaints when Monken was hired. He's a triple-option guy. He's won at an academy albeit at Navy. Monken seems like a good fit at West Point.

2. From afar it looks great that the same five O Lineman are back but when you dig deeper many moves on the line.  The success of this team is up front.  How do you think this squad with fare?

Army only has one returning lineman - senior guard Steve Shumaker - who has started in a game before. The Black Knights lost starting right tackle Justin Gilbert to an ACL injury early in the preseason. At one point, Army's two-deep on the offensive line consisted of five freshmen. Army has had six of its top guards miss practice time due to injury in the preseason. Looks like the line is getting back to health this week. Shumaker, who has started 24 straight games, may be a game-time decision. Junior center Matt Hugenberg has never snapped in a game before. Hugenberg's battle with nose guard Kristjan Sokoli is one of the key matchups of the game.

3. Your depth at running back is incredible, give us some insight into Baggett and Dixon?

Baggett is a great athlete with decisive speed. He's a hard runner, willing to initiate contact. Baggett finishes off his runs strong. He was a pretty good basketball player for Whitney Young out of Chicago. He guarded the likes of Anthony Davis and Jabari Parker in his career. Dixon is a physical fullback that can bust a big run. I've seen Dixon hurdle blocking offensive lineman in practice. He's also shifty. YouTube Dixon's TD run against Eastern Michigan last year and you'll see.

4. Buffalo can’t stop the pass.  Do you see Army trying to throw at all to the wide blockers err I mean wide receivers?  Nice receiver in Moss (has a good name for a WR.)

Don't think Army will throw 20 times in this game. But, the Black Knights will test Buffalo's pass defense. Xavier Moss is Army's big-play receiver. Running backs Terry Baggett, Tony Giovannelli and Raymond Maples can also be effective receivers out of the backfield.

5. Who will be the starting QB and why?  Santiago based on experience, Schurr, or Kauffman?

Santiago is Army's starting quarterback, partly because of his experience and also because A.J. Schurr was hurt for the first half of the preseason and couldn't compete against Santiago. Matt Kaufmann has been the scout-team quarterback. Freshman Ahmad Bradshaw is Army's No. 3 QB.

6. How will the defense be able to cope with a really good Bulls Offensive line?

Army has an experienced defensive front with seniors Joe Drummond, Richard Glover and Mike Ugenyi. Each player has added between 10 and 20 pounds in the off-season. Army is hoping the extra size and strength helps against bigger experienced lines, like Buffalo's.

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