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Buffalo Bulls Record Watch

Well we have beat the bad from the Duquesne game to death, now it's time to get more upbeat as Buffalo moves towards the Army game.Well do that along with this weeks record watch.

First up is Joe Licata who moved up two positions on UB's all time completions list. He now sits at number six behind Chad Salisbury. Coincidentally he is also behind Salisbury for attempts where Joe Licata is ranked 8th. I suspect it will be at least two games before Licata passes Chad in either category.

He might pass Frank Reilly in passing yards this week though, he only needs another 58 yards to move into 6th all time. It will be some weeks before Licata moves the bar on touchdown passes. He is 4th all time but a whopping 9 behind Cliff Scott.

Joe Licata Career Rk (Δ) Next Career
Completions 344 6 (+2) Chad Salisbury 372
Attempts 601 8 Chad Salisbury 671
Yards 4167 7 Frank Reilly 4225
TD 34 4 (+1) Cliff Scott 43

Then there are the Running Backs. In terms of career production Campbell and Taylor are still in the same ball park but if the workload continues to be 60% Taylor, 20% Campbell, 20% Johnson we will likely see Anthone pull away in the running categories.

Taylor's banner day moved the needle 8 spots in carried, six placed in yads, and five spots in rushing touchdowns. For Campbell his support role moved him up four sports in carries and two spots in yards. Campbell still leads Taylor in two out of the three categories.

Anthone Taylor Career Rk (Δ) Next Career
Carries 116 43 (+8) Jeffvon Gill 123
Yds 536 34 (+6) Dennis Przykuta 545
Rush TD 5 30 (+5) Dawson / Gordon 6
Devin Campbell Career Rk (Δ) Next Career
Carries 132 35 (+4) John Stofa 138
Yds 560 37 (+2) Jeffvon Gill 589
TD 4 35 Taylor / Condino 5
Receptions 43 27 Steven King 44
Yds 396 29 Joe Moresco 412
Rec TD 1 42 Many Tied 2

The big story for the Bulls was of course Ron Willoughby. There was a little movement by other receivers on the Buffalo offense; like Hughes moving up to #26 in yards or Ross climbing five spots in receptions. But the game Willoughby had saw him vault a huge number of players in every category.

The Junior from Avon Lake moved up 20 spots in career receptions, 22 spots in yards, and 20 spots in touchdowns.

Having spent two seasons on the bench behind Alex Neutz means that Ron is still well outside the top 20 in any category but he is starting to crack into that 30-40 range.

Devon Hughes Career Rk (Δ) Next Career
Receptions 49 25 Leeper / Drankoski 50
Yds 457 26 (+1) Rick Wells 524
Rec TD 4 20 C. Drankoski 5
Boise Ross Career Rk (Δ) Next Career
Receptions 16 51 (+5) Mason Schreck 17
Yds 156 42 (+2) Ron Willoughby 215
Ron Willoughby Career Rk (Δ) Next Career
Receptions 13 57 (+20) Grundy / Nduka 14
Yds 215 41 (+22) Pat Patterson 218
TD 2 30 (+20) Many Tied 3

Finally the defense. Skinner had a good day for Buffalo. He moved up a spot in Tackles and Assist but fell one spot in the Sacks category because of Adam Reddens two and a half sack effort.

Lester moved up one spot in Passes defended to #8 all time and with a three way tie in front of him can jump all the way to 5 with his next two downed passes.

Adam Redden moved up two spots in sacks, passing Lee Skinner along the way. He also moved up one spot in tackles for loss where he tied Skinner.  Both Skinner and Redden are looking up at Justin Winters in TFL's. They sit 1.5 behind the Winters.

Lee Skinner Career Rk (Δ) Next Career
Tackles 255 16 (+1) Dale Worrall 259
Solo 112 21 Carlos Spencer 120
Assist 143 14 (+1) Justin Winters 145
TFL 17 19 Justin Winters 18.5
Sacks 5.5 17 (-1) Adam Redden 6.5
Cortney Lester Career Rk (Δ) Next Career
Interceptions 9 12 2 Tied 10
Passes Def 28 8(+1) Lambert / FIsher / Thomas 29
Adam Redden Career Rk (Δ) Next Career
Forced Fums 2 23 8 Are Tied 3
Fumble Rec 3 12 5 Are Tied 5
TFL 17
19 (+1) Justin Winters 18.5
Sacks 6.5 16 (+2) Justin Winters 7.5

Disclaimer: UB Records are somewhat incomplete and not all that easy to gather up. I my confidence in these rankings, particularly for defense, starts falling off after the top 20 or so. My record book is a work in progress.

If You have any old stats books or programs containing season stats/school records wish to contribute please let me know. You can either digitize them and send to ubbullrun (at) gmail (dot) com or drop me a note if you would rather snail mail them.