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Buffalo and Miami - The Stat Line

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Big changes in Miami this off season has helped the defense quite a bit. The Hawks were terrible last season against good and bad teams alike. This year, against a respectable schedule, their total defense is ranked near the top half of college football teams. Most recently they held the Bearcats to 31 points, and it could have been lower if not for some very short fields provided by turnovers.

Our guest blogger on "Last Bull In" sand the praises of Miami's receiving corps and so far this season they are putting up 276 yards a game, good for the top 3rd of FBS teams. Their running game leaves a lot to be desired, averaging just 2.1 yards per carry as a team.

Regrettably this game is probably going to come down to UB's pass defense. If they can limit the pass game it's easy to see the Bulls trading punches with Miami, or even pulling away for a comfortable win.