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Buffalo Bulls Quarterback Joe Licata scouted against Angel Santiago

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Great game awareness, offensive rhythm, and focusing on potential mismatches are all signs of a great offensive staff. Some of the play call choices, and random timeouts last week, kept Joe Licata from staying on top of his game. With the Bulls going up against similar defensive competition in Army, it should be priority number 1, to keep the offense rolling.

Angel Santiago, the Army Quarterback, should try and focus on running the ball up the middle, because I feel that is where they will have the most success. Duquesne was able to get some decent yardage running up the middle. The rare chance when Army decides to pass the ball, play action will be the key. The Bulls secondary is really not that good, so when throwing the ball, they have to execute.

Licata in this game should look to give some of his receivers involved early in the game. Allow them to build confidence in their abilities. With the lack of speed on the outside, UB should utilize some rub routes, and possibly the RB screen game.

Joe Licata 344 601 0.572379368 4167 6.9 34 12 65 -134 -2.1 1
Angel Santiago 53 117 0.452991453 676 12.1 2 2 224 767 3.4 11

This should be another tune up game for the Bulls, as they will continue to work on things to play their best against Baylor. Army’s defense will play fundamentally sound, but the execution of the Bulls should take them over the top.