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Buffalo Bulls Olympic Sports Coverage Fall 2014

As the soccer teams get started this weekend and volleyball opens with its own tournament next weekend, here's what you can expect from Bull Run this fall in our expanded coverage.

It's today.

Sure, there have been camps and scrimmages and exhibitions and ice bucket challenges, but today is the day.

Today, at 7, UB Athletics returns to meaningful competition, and it's going to be great. Sure, football drives the traffic and the money, and doesn't get started for another eight days, but the other fall sports teams will compete 83 times between now and November 29th, not counting any postseason play.

While both soccer teams have played some exhibitions, the women's team gets the games that matter started tonight with a 7 PM matchup against St. Bonaventure. The Men have one final exhibition against Rochester tomorrow and get the real action started a week from today in San Diego.

Volleyball and new coach Reed Sunahara open with their own tournament on the 29th, as well. Cross Country, Rowing, and both Tennis teams also compete, though more infrequently, in the fall.

Amidst the restart of football this month, you can count on significantly expanded coverage of UB's Olympic sports this year. If you haven't gotten into following the full scope of UB offerings in the past, maybe this is your year. Here's what you can expect from me this fall on the Olympic sports front:

  • weekly roundups for volleyball
  • weekly roundups for both soccer teams
  • regular roundups for cross-country, rowing, and tennis competition
  • in-depth coverage of at least one volleyball/soccer match each week
All told, while we don't have the bandwidth to cover each of 31 volleyball matches and 30-plus soccer matches individually, for the first time in Bull Run's history every UB competition will be covered on the site. Even the road soccer match against Lafayette on Tuesday, October 14. At a minimum, the weekly roundups will provide a brief recap of everything, and I'll be covering one or two non-football competitions a week in even greater depth.

And it all starts with Women's Soccer tonight at 7. I'll be there, in addition to the men's exhibition against Rochester on Saturday, and one of Volleyball's tournament matches next weekend.

I hope to see you there, but if I don't, you can read about it here on Bull Run. Go Bulls!