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Are You Pronouncing Khalil Mack's Name Correctly?

Maybe Howard Simon was right all along.

Many Bulls fans have spent the last 5+ years praising Khalil Mack, turns out, we may have been saying his name wrong the whole time.

The story out of Raiders camp is Khalil informing the press that his name is pronounced with emphasis on the first syllable, not the second. It's KHAlil Mack, not KhaLIL Mack. Please adjust your praise appropriately.

In the meantime, someone get a hold of Alex Neutz, we have been pronouncing the receiver as  "Newts" maybe Simon was right on that one too and it has been "Nouts" all along.

For more Khalil updates, check in on Silver and Black Pride who has been reporting from Raiders camp everyday. As leader of UB Bull Run's West Coast office, I'll be at Raiders Camp on Saturday August 2, and Khalil Mack's preseason debut is at the home of UB Bull Run's Midwest office so we should have plenty of updates from that game. Make sure to follow @ubbullrun and myself @conradmostiller on twitter for additional Mack news.