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Another Benefit of UB's Radio Deal...

ESPN 1520 is one of the most powerful radio stations in the nation. Its 50,000 watt signal can cover all of New England, The Mid Atlantic, and parts of the South East. In years past this signal has been carrying Syracuse basketball. Shortly after the announcement was made a UB Athletic Department staff member let me know that the deal with 1520 would bump Syracuse basketball off of WKBW.

So I made a few minor corrections to the article, basically just removing the word "Syracuse" from the sports covered by ESPN1520 in this piece. I did not feel such a minor detail merited a special call out.

Seems I was wrong and the Orange contingent at the Buffalo News was quick to pick up on this detail of the Buffalo deal. In a paywall protected piece (hence no linky, but we all know how to get around it) Alan Pergament, a Syracuse Alumnus, mentioned the wrinkle in the deal.

Most of the article was dry facts and SU chest thumping but this nugget caught my attention.

"While Entercom's decision to carry the local college team is commendable and understandable, you could have a lively debate here whether there is more local interest in UB basketball or Syracuse basketball." -- Alan Pergament

He's right. If you sat down 100 people in Western New York who are interested enough to watch college basketball it's a coin flip as to which team could draw more interest: UB or Syracuse. The closer you get to the city of Buffalo itself the stronger your support for the State University of New York would be.

Imagine saying that a dozen years ago. In what universe could UB seat enough of the SU monopoly to take the most powerful radio signal on the east coast away from the Orange.

UB still has a long way to go in establishing themselves throughout the state as New York's college team but they are certainly making a lot of progress towards that end. One deal at a time and one market at a time UB is growing.

By the way Alan... The folks working for UB athletics give more back to the Buffalo community than the folks at Syracuse. A strong UB Athletics program is better for your paper's namesake than a strong Syracuse program.

I'm sure SU will worm its way back onto a radio station in WNY. UB used the Fan last year and while their 1,000 watt nighttime range was not impressive the focus they put on UB helped with viability. Perhaps the Orange will end up on 1270.

With SU on 1270 it will be easy for Alan to continue to ignore Buffalo's home town team and the only FBS program in the state system.