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This week in the CFL

Trevor Hagan

Well a loss took some of the excitement out of Willy-Peg but it's a chance for first year coach Mike O'Shea to show how his team handles a loss: will the Blue Bombers crumble or pick themselves back up?

Drew Willy will lead the Blue Bombers into Vancouver where he will take on his former teammate Ernest Jackson who is playing wide receiver for the Lions. The winner will keep pace with the CFL's last undefeated team: Whoever wins the Edmonton vs Calgary Game.

The other CFL contest involving a UB Alumni is rematch between Saskatchewan and Toronto. Two weeks ago the Argos blew up the Rough riders by shutting them down in the red zone time after time. It is Tonroto's only win of the season but they are still tied for points in the East division which has been rather weak this year.

Friday, July 25
Saturday, July 26
Home Road



E. Jackson D. Willy
Time 10:00 PM
Home Road



N. Adjei
Time 10:00 PM