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MAC Blogger Poll

Forget the media, the real experts, and I, picked our 2014 MAC Favorites.

2014 Coach of the Year?
2014 Coach of the Year?
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First, my ballot with explanation.


I give Buffalo the edge due to their easy MAC schedule, with many thinking only the BGSU game will be a loss. Even with a BGSU win, BGSU would still have to only lose two of their other 4 tough games, 3 on the road.

Akron has a decent schedule and a great chance to be a sleeper. I still don't believe in Ohio who never seems to be able to last till November.

UMass plays 4 tough OOC opponents and then BGSU, they will enter October 0-5, battered and bruised, which will prevent them from putting up a good fight in the MAC.

1) Buffalo
Tough OOC:1, vs Baylor. Tough MAC games: 4 @BGSU, CMU. @Ohio, Akron

2) Bowling Green
Tough OOC: 1 at Wisconsin. Tough MAC games: 5 vs Buffalo, @Ohio, @Akron, @Toledo, Ball State

3) Akron
Tough OOC: 2 @ PSU, @ Pitt. Tough MAC games:4 @Ohio, @BSU, BGSU, @Buffalo

4) Ohio
Tough OOC: 1 @ Kentucky. Tough MAC games:5 @CMU, BGSU, Akron, Buffalo, NIU
5) Kent
Tough OOC: 1 @ Ohio State. Tough MAC games:6 Ohio, @NIU, Toledo, @BGSU, @Buffalo, Akron

6) Miami
Tough OOC: 2 @ Michigan, @ Cincy. Tough MAC games:5 @Buffalo, @Akron, @NIU, @CMU, Ohio

7) UMass
Tough OOC: 4 @ Boston College, Colorado, @Vandy, @Penn State. Tough MAC games:5 BGSU, @Toledo, BSU, @Akron, Buffalo


I give NIU the edge based on the crossover game. NIU goes to Ohio, Toledo hosts BGSU. Also NIU hosts Toledo, I think those two games will let NIU slide through again.

CMU and Ball State both have 5 tough MAC games, and I give the edge to CMU as they return a QB even (though he may not start, although that worked out well for BGSU last year), while BSU has to replace the great Keith Wenning.

I put WMU over EMU as people seem to buy into Fleck, and we probably need to give the Factory a few years to really start production.

1) NIU
Tough OOC: 2 @ Northwest, @ Ark. Tough MAC games:4 CMU, @BSU, Toledo, @Ohio

2) Toledo
Tough OOC: 3 Missouri, @Cincy, @Iowa St. Tough MAC games:4 BSU, CMU, @NIU, BGSU

3) CMU
Tough OOC: 2 @Purdue, Syracuse. Tough MAC games:5 @Toledo, Ohio, @NIU, BSU, @Buffalo

4) Ball State
Tough OOC: 1 @ Iowa. Tough MAC games:5 @Toledo, @CMU, Akron, NIU, @BGSU

5) WMU
Tough OOC: 2 @ Purdue, @VaTech. Tough MAC games:6 Toledo, @BSU, @BGSU, Ohio, @CMU, NIU

6) EMU
Tough OOC: 2 @ Florida, @ Mich State. Tough MAC games:4 @Akron, Buffalo, NIU, CMU, @BSU, Toledo

MAC Champ: NIU because I don't believe in Buffalo THAT much.
POTY: Matt Johnson: BGSU New high octane offense should give him crazy numbers.
MAC: Coach of the year: Jeff Quinn. Because I don't think anyone expects him to win the MAC East

Hustle Belt MAC Blogger Poll

The number in parenthesis is first place votes.

  1. Bowling Green (6) 52 points
  2. Akron (1) 41 points
  3. Buffalo (1) 39 points
  4. Ohio 38 points
  5. Kent State 23 points
  6. Miami 19 points
  7. UMass 10 points
  1. NIU (4) 42 points
  2. Toledo (2) 41 points
  3. Ball State (2) 33 points
  4. CMU 25 points
  5. WMU 15 points
  6. EMU 13 points
MAC Champion: NIU
Coach of the Year: Terry Bowden
Player of the Year: Matt Johnson