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2015 Buffalo Football Recruiting: CB Cameron Lewis Talks Commitment to Bulls

Lewis (Right) With his Brother - Permission Granted from Cameron Lewis
Lewis (Right) With his Brother - Permission Granted from Cameron Lewis

Buffalo's defensive backfield has a recent history of very high caliber MAC players. Mike Newton, Davonte Shannon, Josh Thomas, Derek Brim, and Najja Johnson are just a few of the all conference DBs that the Bulls have had on the field since 2007.

Last season however the Bulls defensive backfield lost three starters and coming into this year at least of the positions are held by upper classmen. So it's no surprise that the Bulls coaching staff has hard at work trying to land a promising defensive back who can help continue the tradition which has been built up over the last decade.

Quick Facts
Name: Cameron Lewis
Position: Defensive Back
Home Town: Detroit
School: Voyageur
Intended Major: Business

Buffalo may have started building another generation of solid DB's with Cameron Lewis, a corner back playing for Voyageur Consortium High School. The School, a public charter academy, serving grades 5-12 in Detroit, boasts a 96% graduation rate and our 99% college acceptance rate.

Lewis will be attending college for free thanks to his leadership of the Cougars football team. Lewis plans to major in Business and minor in Graphic Design. He hopes that his education will help him realize the dream of starting his own business

Lewis had several visits from Buffalo secondary coach Eric Lewis this spring but with offers from Toledo, CMU, and Western Michigan on the table he had not yet made up his mind as to where he would continue his education. As it turns out the atmosphere at Buffalo was enough to sway him.

"Before attending this visit, I had no plans on committing: Said Lewis, "but when I got up there it just felt right".  Cameron told Bull Run that he had a great experience connecting with current Buffalo players and UB Coaches Quinn and Lewis, this helped make up his mind over the other schools offering him.

Last year the Cougars struggled to a 4-5 record last season but Lewis put up very impressive numbers. On defense Cameron accrued 52 tackles, 3 interceptions, and 5 forced fumbles. He is also the star receiver for the Cougars and racked up  1,423 receiving yards. Finally he is a dynamic special teams player who had 2 kick returns go for six. When you throw in the work Lewis did at Running back he put up a total of 2,466 yards in 2013.

Lewis was also holding offers from Toledo, Central Michigan, and Western Michigan. The Bulls currently have a half dozen players from Detroit on the roster, a number which has grown since the hiring of Jeff Quinn who has deep recruiting roots in the state from his time at Central Michigan.