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CFL Preseason Winnipeg at Calgary Open Thread

Marianne Helm

The Blue Bombers will be the first CFL team to complete their preseason schedule before any other CFL team. After today the Bombers have nearly two weeks to get ready for their regular season which is a rematch of their last game against Toronto.

Bulls to Watch

Drew Willy:

Willy had a good showing against Toronto. It was not sexy good but most Blue Bomber fans walked away feeling like Drew could be the Quarterback they need for greater success than they have had in recent years. On top of that the #2 and #3 quarterbacks really struggled.

Willy got off to a slow start but gradually got more comfortable with the offense. Today he should aim for a faster start.

I've head that in CFL ball the starting pivot (Canuck for Quarterback) usually has next to no role in the second CFL preseason game but that Mike O'Shea plans to use all of his Quarterbacks.

Willie Moseley:

Moseley survived the first round of preseason cuts. In all the Bombers released five players, two of them were defensive linemen so his odds of making the roster went up quite a bit.

He saw very limited action last week behind Peach but this week he has been moved from the end to a defensive tackle spot. Moseley is backing up third year lineman Jake Thomas. Watch for #99 later in the game on the interior of the Bombers Defensive line.

Home Road



Drew Willy
Willie Moseley
Date 6/14/2014
Time 9:00 PM (EST)