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Willie Moseley: Linebacker, Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Right now if you talk about the Buffalo Bulls who are playing professional football 90% of the talk is going to be about Khalil Mack. While Mack was going though his Junior season back in 2012 he was sharing the backfield with one of the most versatile players in recent UB history.

Willie Moseley came to Buffalo as an All-District defensive end who, was slated by Turner Gill to play that postilion on UB's then 4-3 defensive set. In 2009, after one year as a red shirt, Moseley played in a hand full of games as a defensive end racking up three tackles, including one for a loss.

Then came the staff changes of 2010. The new staff dumped the old 4-3 defense and brought in their hybrid 3-4 defense. To help fill in at linebacker the coaches took the Athletic Moseley off the line and moved him to the outside linebacker spot. During 2010 he was parked right behind Khalil Mack. And that's kind of the way things stayed for a while.

Going into 2012 it looked as if Moseley would once again be depth behind Khalil Mack but once again Willie had an impressive spring. He got noticed by the staff and UB still had depth issues related to the scheme change. The immediate need was at inside linebacker. Moseley would be a starter but in the middle of a 3-4 defense.

At his third position in five years Moseley quickly settled in and saw significant time in all 12 UB games, starting many of them. Playing three spots in five seasons, and starting just one put Moseley behind the eight ball when NFL teams were making their picks in the 2013 draft.

Despite 51 tackles, seven tackles for loss, three sacks, and a pic Moseley went undrafted. Shortly after the draft he was signed by Tampa Bay. The Bucs had drafted his teammate, Steven Means, in the 5th round and they liked Moseley enough to give him a crack during their spring season.

After being cut by Tampa Moseley ended up in camp with the Toronto Argonauts and that's where he came across Mike O’Shea, who later became the Blue Bombers head coach. He is slated to be a hybrid linebacker / defensive linemen and at 6'5, 250 pounds it's easy to seem him as a guy on the edge who will either come in as a lineman or an edge linebacker.