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Bull Run speaks with Alex Neutz, Najja Johnson, and Jasen Carlson

The draft talk around Buffalo has been dominated by Khalil Mack. But Buffalo has other draft prospects, too. Bull Run caught up with them before next week's festivities.

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After the first round is over and a Bull has been drafted, UB will still have Bulls looking to get drafted.  To have their name called at Radio City Music Hall.  Bull Run has caught up with WR Alex Neutz, DB Najja Johnson, and OL Jasen Carlson.  Hopefully we can catch up with Bo Oliver too before things get going next week.

Alex Neutz

How have you been?  Can you update us on what you have been doing since the Bowl Game and the Pro Day?  How is the hamstring?

I've been good, hamstring is feeling a lot better.

Have to ask you about the draft.  Have you had any activity or contact with any teams?

I've talked to several teams, Cincinnati, Arizona, New England, Houston, and Bears most recently.  All have me as a bubble guy/ priority free agent.

What is your greatest memory playing for the Bulls?   Many have picked you performance at Baylor and  don't respond to this but you should stayed in for the record or you torching Georgia!

Haha,  I agree completely.  I only needed like 20 more yards! But I would definitely have to say scoring a touchdown between the hedges and The Horseshoe are high on my greatest moments list.  Can't forget about the Hail Mary against Kent State.

How did I forget about the Hail May!  Doh!

Tell us how the NFLPA Bowl game was?  How was that experience? What was it like to be around the players and NFL coaches?

It was pretty surreal, being coached by guys like Andre Reed and Dante Culpepper and getting the chance to play against guys who are NFL bound.   Definitely crazy having 140 plus NFL scouts and personnel watching your every move.

Last question; tell us about the receiving core next year with the Bulls!  We saw a transition with Hamlin/Roosevelt to you and Fred. What do you see next year and who should we key on?

I really like what I see out of Devon Hughes,  Boise Ross, and John Dunmore.  Pay attention to those guys as the Bulls have a solid group.

Lastly, the floor is yours.  Anything you want to say to the Bulls fans?

To all the fans I appreciate all the love and support through the years.  All the ups and downs. Wish I could still be there to play in front of the amazing crowd and true blue. I'm going to miss my hometown crowd and that I wouldn't be where I am today without them.

Najja Johnson

You were first team all MAC, Jim Thorpe watch list, and had a solid pro day, have you had an activity or contact with any team?

Yeah I've spoken with several teams, and drawn interest from my pro day workout. I worked out for the Falcons last week.

What is your best memory as a Buffalo Bull?

My best memory as a Bull is when I received my scholarship going into my sophomore year. Just to see all the hard work put in pay off was nothing short of a blessing. I take great pride in that not many, if any, people had high expectations from me but I believed in me.

What have you been doing to prepare for the draft of invited to a camp?  Are you still in Buffalo?   Honestly, will you ever miss the snow?

I spent 8 weeks training for the pro day in Newtown, PA with Test Parisi. They did an excellent job at preparing me physically and mentally for the draft process. Since the pro day I have been back in Georgia working out daily, but I've been back and forth to Buffalo.  About the snow, I think I'll be okay without it haha, but Buffalo is a great city and my second home.

Can you give the readers your insight on the secondary for the Bulls next year?  Any players we should really key on?

Aw man I'm really excited for UB's secondary next year, loaded with talent and athleticism. There are some true ball hawks in that group.  Obviously Cortney is a special talent, but Marqus Baker has All-Mac written all over him. He can cover slot WR's, blitz, and tackle, I look forward to seeing him lock up wide receivers this season. I really like the defensive backs they're a dynamic group of playmakers.

And lastly, anything you want to say to the Bulls fans?  Talk about your time at UB and Buffalo?

Lastly, just wanted to thank UB and Western New York for their unwavering support to our football program. We have some of the best fans In college football! Thanks for your time.


Jasen Carlson

How have you been? Can you tell everyone how the leg is progressing?

I've been good. The leg is 100%. I got completely cleared about a week ago but my leg has been feeling great for a couple of months.

Many believe that you will be invited to an NFL camp.  Have you had any inquiries or activity?

My agent has received a couple of calls and he feels confident that I'll be in a camp when the time comes.

What is your best memory while at UB?

Playing at Ohio State and Georgia were both awesome. Beating UConn at home has to be my top memory though.

How was it blocking for Bo and knowing you were part of a record setting performance?

It was awesome. He is such an amazing player that even when we would mess up our blocks he would make us right.

Can you remember the Rhode Island game? How do you feel your game has progressed over your career at UB?

I do remember the Rhode Island game. Guys like Josh Violanti, Pete Bittner, Graham Whinery, and Matt Ostrowski all really helped me.  And I credit them and coach Quinn and Coach Shorter for making me the player I am today.

It was fun watching you play.  Good luck and can't wait to report your activity in a camp and making a team.  Any last message for us?

You guys do a great job covering all aspects of UB sports and even after I graduate I'll be reading BullRun.

Hey Jasen, flattery will get you everywhere!

First round of the draft is Thursday, May 8.  The second and third round are on Friday May 9th and rounds 4 - 7 will be held Saturday May 10.  Come back to Bull Run for reactions to the draft, many more articles, and also breaking news on UB players invited to NFL camps