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UB Bulls Spring Game Takeaways : Wide Receivers

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

First the bad -

Watching several catch-able balls hit the turf, one in the end-zone, reminded me just how much we may have taken Alex Neutz's hands for granted. The graduating Senior had a lot of good qualities on the field but none more rare in UB's lineup than soft hands.

The one that really stuck out was a dropped pass in the back of the end zone by, I think, Matt Weiser. At the time the Blue team was up 7-0 and the drop costs the offensive starters 4 points as they would have to settle for a field goal.

Now the Good -

The patterns being run by the receivers on both squads looked better than I'm accustomed to seeing from UB during their April spring games. Both offenses were going nowhere until a receiver caught a pass, mid route, and took the ball 20 or more yards after the catch.

Marcus McGill and Jacob Martinez snapped their respective offenses from a slumber with 40+ yard receptions that took a 0-0 game to 7-3 in the first quarter.

Devon Hughes is showing some great body control and did a great job tracking down a pass which was placed a bit outside of where it should have went.

Overall -

I still think this is an area where UB will struggle this season as compared to last year but the depth and quality both looked to be better than I would have thought at this stage of the 2014 season. Your starters are probably Hughes, Ross, and McGill at this point but things are going to be fludi right up until the regular season.

There also looks to be more speed on the unit this year than I have seen in some years.