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UB Spring Practice - Day One

In the words of Jeff Quinn "1 down 14 more to go". UB wrapped up their first day of spring practices today and afterwards coach Quinn fielded some questions.

The first and biggest concern for the Bulls, position wise is the wide receivers. UB was barely better tha none dimensional last season and lost the two players the needed most. When Quinn talked about the dieouts the first names out of his mouth were Devon Hughes and Dunmore need to stop up along with Boise Ross.

Boise Ross 13 156 12 37 0
Devon Hughes 7 91 13 30 (TD) 2
John Dunmore 3 30 10 14 0

Hughes and Dunmore are the senior leadership at the position and Ross was impressive in his work last season as a true freshman. Today they got in quite a bit of work with Tony Daniel who is presumably the starter while Joe Licata is healing.

But when asked about the "main weapons" the first names which came out were the tight ends, Matt Weiser and Mason Shrek. It could be that with no Neutz UB's passing game is going to look a bit different this season.

On the linebackers Quinn called out Skinner Sotckman, Jarret Fanklin, and Solomon Jackson. He also mentioned that Pizonka and Lis are going to be factors.

UB does not have the tools needed to replace Khalil Mack so it might be appropriate to forgo trying to replace Mack and focusing on a scheme which works for the players at the position now.