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Khalil Mack Combine Open Thread

Release the Macken!

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

It's Combine day for Bulls superstar Khalil Mack. Over the season since his dominating performance against Ohio State, Khalil has been a consensus upper-first round pick. As the season went on, more and more pundits started putting him in the Top Ten, and the linebacker has climbed as high as 3 on Mel Kiper, Jr's famed Big Board.

Things really reached a fever pitch in the past ten days when NFL Network talking head Mike Mayock proclaimed that Mack is the most complete player in the draft, and that he (Mayock) would select him above Jadeveon Clowney.

When the various All-America teams were announced, Mack was in a dogfight of perception with UCLA standout Anthony Barr and a host of other power conference linebackers led by Ryan Shazier of Ohio State. Since then, while mock drafts are split on whether Mack or Barr goes off the board first, Mayock's words and a huge press push have elevated the UB all time great into the conversation with Clowney, who has long been assumed the top defensive player in this draft.

Stay tuned below and join us in the comments as Khalil goes through the Combine today.

Once overlooked, Khalil Mack looking to make big impact in Draft - NFL - Don Banks -

INDIANAPOLIS -- The great three-headed quarterback debate -- Johnny, Teddy or Blake? -- and the Jadeveon Clowney freak show will no doubt consume most of the oxygen in the long build-up to the NFL's 2014 draft. But what if the league's next great player, the bluest of the blue chips, winds up being a pass-rushing linebacker from the unlikely football factory known as the University of Buffalo?

Khalil Mack 2014 NFL Draft scouting report -

Analyzing the MAC's latest top pick and the most complete linebacker in the draft.

Bench Press

Mack did 23 reps on the bench. Among the other big name linebackers Shazier put up 25, Borland threw up 27 and Anthony Barr only managed 15.  Also among linebackers Clowney did 21 reps, and Michael Sam 17. The Linebackers were led by Max Bullough and Khairi Fortt who put up 30.


40" and 10"8 in his jumps, not bad at all. By comparison, Clowney managed 37.5" and 10' even in his Vertical and Broad Jumps, respectively. All of those numbers are more significant than any of us could do, but so far physically Mack is holding his own with the big guy.

40 Yard Dash

Mack's first go at the 40 clocked in a 4.66. A respectable time, but a poor start in this one means that we may see the 4.5 range in the next go-round.



4.62 in his second 40.

As far as I (BCBull) am concerned, all you gotta do when talking about Mack's 40 is plug in the highlight of his pick-6 against Ohio State when, if you remember (of course you do), he outran Braxton Miller and Carlos Hyde to the end zone.