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Khalil Mack NFL Combine Profile

With the NFL Combine bearing down on us it's time to look at Buffalo's Khalil Mack.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

Mack is a physical freak who many peg as a top five, or even a top three pick in this years NFL draft. He came into the season on NFL radars but was being projected as a third, maybe a second round pick. This season however he set not one, but two all time NCAA marks and dominated pretty much every team he faced, including Ohio State. Khalil had nine tackles, 2.5 sacks and interception return for touchdown against the #2 Buckeyes Ohio State

Aside from raw physical potential Mack's greatest asset is the versatile ways he has been used on defense. UB defensive coordinator Lou Tepper and his predecessor William Inge moved Mack all over the defensive formations in an attempt to prevent teams from trying to scheme around him.

At the pro level that means Mack could be a player who  can be lined up with his hand in the dirt as a pass rusher,  or he could back up middle of the defense and be a reliable option at linebacker. Mack has even proven to be an effective coverage man on tight ends and running backs in a shallow zone. Khalil Mack will fit somewhere in whatever defensive system you run.

Mack is a three-time first-team All-MAC selection (2011-13) and this past seasons defensive player of the year. This year after setting records MAC was also the Lambert Cup winner and an All-American pick.

The only legitimate knock on Mack being picked up by the services is that at times his aggressive nature leads him to over pursue a play and end up out of position. Fortunately for Mack this is a very coach-able problem so it's very doubtful that this will move him down at all on anyone's wish list.

For Mack the measurable task like the 40 are not the area to worry about. He is a physical specimen like few others. Mack will have to prove himself in the positional drills. This year he looked much better in zone coverage than in the past but it's still maybe the weakest aspect of his game. If he can show well there he may be the first Defensive player taken if not he may drop to the 3rd defensive player taken.

Most mock drafts I have seen have Mack going between 6-8 to the Minnesota Vikings, the Tampa Bay Bucs, or the Atlanta Falcons. Some have suggested he may go in the top three depending on if this is a QB year or not. Truth be known if Mack slips lower than 8th in the draft I'll be amazed. Anyone after 8 could take him so it's hard to predict exactly what the draft will bring.

On a personal note it's been a real pleasure for us hear at Bull Run to watch Khalil Mack play. Through some rather lean football years we were able to watch one of the best to ever be a Bull. No matter where he ends up in the NFL I will be rooting for him...

Except Miami. Please, dear football gods don't let him end up in Miami!