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Buffalo Bulls 76, Binghamton Bearcats 50: UB Closes Out 2014 With Win, Shannon Evans Notches First Triple-Double in School History

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

UB moved to 8-3 on the season today with a 76-50 win over Binghamton. It was lopsided from the beginning and there's not really much to say about this. At least yesterday's lopsided women's game had some Adventures in Officiating to entertain me.

Binghamton is the youngest and one of the very worst teams in D1, and it showed tonight. I can say confidently that no UB team will enjoy a more lopsided matchup this season, and Coach Hurley's team capitalized. I cannot think of a way that a basketball game could have more meaningless minutes, as the very quick 10-2 Buffalo lead clearly established who was better and how this was going to go.

After shooting 6-8 to open the game, the Bulls got even hotter and at the second media timeout were up 21-7 on 80% shooting and 5-6 from distance. Literally the only negative of the early going was both Shannon Evans and Lamonte Bearden committing two fouls in the early going, though neither got to three before the break.

At the half everything was clicking. Evans led the Bulls with 13 points and 6 assists, while Justin Moss and Xavier Ford each had 8.

Around the restart I described the game in a text message as "boringly lopsided," and it was really the truth. I don't have anything to tell you about the consistent twenty point advantage UB enjoyed. In a different game, some of it would be more exciting.

With just under 11 minutes to play, Buffalo already had five players in double figures, and really only Lamonte Bearden had a subpar game. The only whiff of excitement came when Shannon Evans had 7 assists and 6 rebounds with plenty of time left.

By the end, Evans got to 10 and 10 in addition to his 14 points to record the first triple-double in school history, Division 1 or otherwise. Rodell Wigginton also had a double-double with 14 and 11 himself. Willie Rodriguez led Binghamton with 14 points

Of course, the team stats are just as nonsensical: UB claimed advantages in everything, most notably with 18 assists to 7 turnovers.

There's little to learn or take away from this one, other than the first triple double in school history. On to Saturday.

UB has now wrapped up competition for 2014, but has one more nonconference game before entering MAC play. This Saturday they return to Alumni Arena for a home matchup against Cornell, tentatively scheduled for 3:00 PM, but if you know anything about the women's-men's doubleheaders, you know it will be a bit later. Please consider arriving earlier to cheer on the women's team.

Go Bulls!