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Buffalo Bulls Recruiting - New UB Coach Lance Leipold Verbals

The Buffalo Bulls had a press conference today introducing their new head coach, Lance Leipold. One of the big questions around UB's hire is can the five-time Division III coach of the year recruit and, by extension, what will happen with UB's existing recruits?

That question was answered pretty clearly during the introductory press conference when Coach Leipold stated, in no uncertain terms, that any player's current verbal commitment to UB will be honored. That would mean going forward that the players who Jeff Quinn wanted to be the "Next Bull In" are guys who Coach Leipold will use to "Pound The Rock" at Amherst.

Yes I am hoping somehow Pound The Rock becomes a thing....

Today Bull Run reached out to five players who had made verbal commitments. Many of those players had been featured during our summer recruiting pieces and had sang the praises of various UB coaches.

None of the players had yet talked to Coach Leipold but all of the responses I got were all enthusiastic, though to different degrees: from cautiously optimistic to very excited.

On the cautious side were players that had never heard of him but felt he presented himself as a players coach, someone who is about the players being successful.

One of the players said that he felt the new coach was the kind of guy who sees his team as family, and will do everything in order for the players to have success on and off the field.

One or two had either heard of Leipold or did some research and expressed excitement at the prospect for playing for a guy who has won so many national championships, regardless of the level.

I wish that I was able to provide specific quotes and attribute them but given that the decision of where they will attend school is a big part of their life discretion seemed appropriate. It suffices to say that in end we don't know how coach Leipold will do at bringing in new recruits but the 10 high school seniors which committed to Jeff Quinn and his staff are still on board with the new regime.

In the coming two months it will be interesting to see who he adds to that number.