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Release the Kraken, German Style: McCrea up for Bundesliga All-Star Game

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

This is exciting:

Of course, voting for the Basketball Bundesliga all stars is a little different from voting for your favorite NBAers. So before shoveling this morning, I went and voted and can now provide a walkthrough.

Step one. Follow the link in Momma McCrea's tweet.

german all star voting 1

Most of our readers are Herrs, but maybe you're a Frau. Fill in your stuff, remembering that Germany doesn't have 31 months, they just do the date differently. Other than Telephone, these fields are pflichtfelder and must be filled in.

Step 2 - Vote for the German team

german all star voting 2

It looks like the all-star game is 'Germany vs the World'. Which. Hasn't always gone well for Germany. May not go well here. Anyway you're first voting for the German team. Note that there's a main list, and then more options from the drop down/pop up menu.

You may think this pointless. And then you see a familiar name, who is decidedly not German, rather Tunisian, but there he is. Surprise! Vote for Yassin. Why wouldn't you vote for Yassin?

After Idbihi I didn't recognize any names so I just voted for the fun ones. "Schwethelm" means 'sweaty helmet,' so that's something I'd like to see. 'Johannes Voigtmann' is not a name I know, but it sounds like 'Jens Voigt,' who I do know, so he gets a vote. Anton Gavel - I presume - lays down the law, so he gets a vote. Bogdan Radosavljevic has a noticeably non-German name, but it's fun so he rounds out my team.

You can also vote for coaches apparently, so I found the Medi Bayreuth guy, even if his boss is doomed to suffer crass student editorials when he doesn't win the championship despite having Javon McCrea on his team.

Step Three. The World

german all star voting 3

The world! Of course we find Javon first. #ReleaseTheKraken. #LassenSieDenKrakenFrei, if you will. Doesn't have the same ring. Again with familiar names: Trevor Mbakwe and Larry Gordon, who I was very surprised to see until I realized he is not Larry Sanders, who is indeed still in the NBA like I thought.

Two fun names in Hordor Vilhjalmsson and Dusko Savanovic. An equally fun name in coach John Roijakkers.

Step 4. Confirm

german all star voting 4

They give you the chance to confirm and review. I'm sure there's little need, as these are far and away the best possible lineups. Kudos as well to the coaches, who have overcome extremely narrow torsos and angular shoulders.

Step 5. Receive your thanks.

german all star 5

Oh hi friend. Nice of you to show up now that I'm done. You're the best.

Even if that's sarcasm, you're better than the paperclip. Whatever you're stepping in to help with must be a nice tricky passage of words.

german all star 6

"Many thanks for your participation! You can share the voting with your friends."

Google translate has a real little man complex if it thinks it was needed there.

Anyway. Vote Javon. Vote Idbihi. Lassen Sie Den Kraken Frei.