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The Postgame Meal: Throwback Week

The postgame meal hydrates, nutritionates and this year, quotes itself saying the same thing in years past, because we keep doing the same things wrong. Maybe we can learn from our expensive middle of nowhere private friends to the west. #FireTepper is probably too extreme, so I'm ending the #FireTepper campaign and compromising to the kinder, gentler #DemoteTepper campaign. Who said the PGM doesn't have a heart?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

We started the week by throwing it back 20 years to 94 and paying homage to Notorious BIG but the game definitely had a 2009 feeling. 2009 was a wonderful year for Buffalo fans who hate football and money. The financial downturn was in full life ruining mode and the lone bright spot was the UB team that could. Except in 2009, they didn't starting 1-4 and standing at 3-5 hosting Bowling Green. A win would have UB at 3-1 and poised to make a go at consecutive years of bowl eligibility. A loss would basically end the season. But first...

Postgame Meal: Tommy's Jerky Smoked Buffalo Jerky

It's retro week, and what better way to celebrate 2009 than to eat a meal that was probably created in 2009. Smoked Buffalo is representative of our defense, which has given up the second most passing yards through six games in UB history. On Saturday, UB allowed 51% completions, allowing 7.5 yards per drop back, 8.2 yards per attempt and 16 yards per completion.

Postgame Drink: Buffalo Stampede

This week's drink is dedicated to the offensive line and Anthone "Anth1" Taylor. Taylor's 441 yards is the highest rushing output in consecutive weeks since 2001. It is also the first time UB has been defeated when a back has amassed over 400 yards in consecutive games. For what it's worth, I'd give the nod to BO's 2013 output as it had higher YPC, two wins and no sacks allowed. That said, the last two years have been amazing, and hopefully the run game continues to stampede through the MAC.

300+ Rushing Yards in Consecutive Games
Year Teams Against Yards YPC TDs Sacks Allowed Win/Loss
2014 Miami/BGSU 441 6.13 6 2 1-1
2013 Kent/Ohio 434 6.68 6 0 2-0
2007 Ohio/Toledo 414 5.91 5 2 2-0
2011 EMU/Akron 368 7.83 4 5 1-1
2008 Ohio/Miami 364 6.5 4 2 2-0
2012 Georgia/Morgan St 349 6.35 3 2 1-1
2009 CMU/GWU 303 6.59 2 2 1-1
2012 Toledo/Miami 300 5.36 1 2 1-1

Twitter PGD

Pregame Song

Throwing back to 2009, I choose Kid Cudi's Day and Nite.

Our team is Day and Night. The bright awesomeness of the offense and the cold dark horrible defense. At 3-3, UB is spectacularly awesome. UB is legitimately ten plays away from being 5-1, but also about ten plays away from being 1-5.

A 2009 Feeling

BGS-déjà vu
2014 2009
First Score UB: 1 Yard Licata Run UB: 3 Yard Nduka Run
End of 1Q Tied at 7 Tied at 7
Halftime lead Buffalo by 8 Buffalo by 8
2 PT attempt? Yes. Failed by BGSU Yes. Converted by UB
Longest UB Scoring Drought 23:24 24:07
Largest BGSU Run 13 points 14 points
Convert to win the game 3rd and 1 from the 15 3rd and 3 from the 42
Game winning points scored 139 seconds left 39 seconds left
UB's final drive 4 and out 4 and out
Game winning TD scorer Fred Coppet Freddie Barnes
Margin of Victory 1 point 1 point
UB QB 16 completions 134 yards 1 td 13 completions 149 yards 1 td
BGSU QB 20 completiosn 321 yards 1 td 22 completions 313 yards 1 td
BGSU WR 9 for 178 and 1 td 8 for 122 and 1 td
UB RB 36 for 219 and 3 tds 23 for 172 and 1 td

I wrote about the 2009 game in 2009:

Before The Game

Buffalo Player to Watch: Zach Maynard

Maynard has thrown 11 interceptions this season.  UB is 2-0 when Maynard does not throw an INT, but 1-5 When Maynard throws a pick.

Bowling Green Player to Watch: Freddie Barnes
Barnes has 99 receptions in 8 games, averaging 12 receptions for 132 yards and a touchdown per game. 
In 3 wins, Barnes averages 16 receptions for 198 yards, and 2.6 touchdowns per game.
In 5 losses, Barnes averages 10 receptions for 92 yards and 0.2 touchdowns.
You can't stop Freddie Barnes this year, but keep his yards per catch down and keep him out of the end zone and you can stop the Falcons.

After the Game

Well make that 2-1, Maynard did not throw an interception, and UB "won" the turnover battle recovering a muffed punt and recording an interception.  However 2 blocked punts really put Bowling Green in a game they had no business being in.  For the first time in 8 years, BGSU looked less Urban Meyer and more Va Tech Beamer Ball.

Barnes had 7 receptions for 104 yards and no touchdowns for 59 minutes of the game, way under his average for the year.  With one catch, with 39 seconds left in the game, he won the game.  The Bulls did not keep him out of the end zone when it matter most and that's why they lost.

I have to say 2009 was more frustrating than 2014, leaving the best player on the field open with 40 seconds remaining was devastating, and Gill had a habit of winning close games. In 2014, once we did not convert on 3rd and 1, I already assumed the field goal would be missed and the Falcons would march down the field and score.

Bye Bye MAC East

With the low competition level of the MAC, I think UB lost their MAC Championship spot on Saturday. Last year BGSU and Buffalo both easily dispatched of cupcake MAC opponents and both fell to a legit opponent in Toledo, setting up a 6-1 vs 6-1 matchup between Buffalo and Bowling Green to decide the MAC East. Tiebreakers in head-to-head matchups were so important that UB's penultimate game against Miami was inconsequential, UB could have lost that game, without affecting their quest for a MAC East title.

Saturday's loss was more than just one game, it was basically two losses, as Bowling Green again captures the vital head-to-head tiebreaker. Despite an easy schedule, I don't believe UB will be able to overcome the loss and conquer the MAC East.

MAC Standings

BGSU is 2-0

Akron 1-0

Ohio 1-1

Buffalo 1-1

Miami 1-1

Assuming each of these teams beat Kent and UMass, and then that everyone other than Miami beats Miami, the standings look like this:

Akron 4-0

BGSU 3-0

Buffalo 3-1

Ohio 2-1

Miami 2-3

Then assume WMU, Ball State and EMU are all wins:

Akron 5-0 vs (at Ohio, vs. BGSU at Buffalo)

BGSU 5-0 (at Akron, at Ohio, at Toledo)

Buffalo 4-1 (vs CMU, at Ohio, vs Akron)

Ohio 3-1 (vs BGSU, vs Akron, vs Buffalo, vs NIU)

Looking at the MAC this way, either Akron or BGSU will have 6 conference wins. If BGSU beats Akron, to get to 6 wins, UB has to win out, finish 7-1 and would need Toledo AND Ohio to beat BGSU. This scenario would look like this:

Buffalo 7-1 Wins MAC with BGSU losses at Ohio AND Toledo

BGSU 6-0 (at Ohio, at Toledo) Wins MAC with in at Ohio OR Toledo

Akron 5-2 vs (at Ohio) Ohio 3-2 (vs BGSU, vs Akron, vs NIU)

If Akron beats BGSU it would be better for UB, this scenario would look like this:

Akron 6-0 vs (at Ohio, at Buffalo)

BGSU 5-1 (at Ohio, at Toledo)

Buffalo 4-1 (vs CMU, at Ohio, vs Akron)

Ohio 3-1 (vs BGSU, vs Akron, vs Buffalo, vs NIU)

In this case, Buffalo would need to beat Akron, and win out to finish 7-1, and then hope BGSU loses to Ohio or Toledo.

Finally imagine the scenario had UB defeated BGSU

Akron 5-0 vs (at Ohio, vs. BGSU at Buffalo)

Buffalo 5-0 (vs CMU, at Ohio, vs Akron)

BGSU 4-1 (at Akron, at Ohio, at Toledo)

Ohio 3-1 (vs BGSU, vs Akron, vs Buffalo, vs NIU)

In this scenario, a win over Ohio and a win over Akron would basically clinch the MAC East for Buffalo.