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Buffalo Bulls at Bowling Green Falcons Statbook

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

At the end of last season, in a snow-covered Ralph Wilson Stadium, the Buffalo and Bowling Green football teams met in a de facto MAC East Championship game. UB took a lead into the half but eventually the Falcons locked down UB and won the division.

This year the two teams meet earlier in the season but the stakes feel pretty similar. The winner here is by no means a lock to win the MAC East but they will clearly have a lot of momentum heading into the second half of the season.

Unlike last season neither defense has looked in any way imposing. Buffalo, in the post-Khalil Mack world, is giving up 400 yards and 35 points a game. Bowling Green's new coach, Baylor's Dino Babers, seems to have decided that defense is optional. The Falcons are giving up 600 yards and 42 points a game.

The only thing that might slow down either team this week is the weather.

The Falcons are running that high paced offense which Baylor has become known for. Last night on our weekly podcast "Last Bull In" BJ Fischer of Falcon Blog told us that his team is running plays in half the time they did last season. That pace moved Bowling Green's offense into the top 25 nationally for total yards.

Buffalo's offense has been anchored by a strong running game from Anthone Taylor and a bevy of receivers, none of whom are clearly "the guy" for Buffalo. UB has had four difference receivers notch 100+ yards receiving in a game. Joe Licata has also started to work the tight end into the offensive attack.

The result for UB is the most diverse passing game the school has seen in many years.