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UB's "Big Time" Problem

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Danny White said he wanted to bring Big Time Athletics to Buffalo.

When things are good, he lets us know about it. @UBDannyWhite averages 1.4 tweets per day, however after UB's Football win against Miami on September 27, White tweeted four times.

1) A retweet of Jeff Quinn's post-victory tweet

2) A tweet where he declares it a "extremely successful weekend for UB Athletics"

3) A tweet showing pride of alumni and community turnout at the football game

4) A tweet showing displeasure in student turnout and consistency.

Since that day, UB played two road games, allowing 992 yards and 73 points. There have been no UB Football tweets.

Down the 90, Syracuse struggled on offense, so they demoted the Offensive Coordinator. The fans were happy, and whether it helps or not, it signals that Syracuse won't settle for mediocre.

I was relieved. Relieved that Coach Shafer was able to set aside loyalties and friendships for the job at hand. - Sean Keeley, Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician

At UB, after 2.5 years under Lou Tepper UB's defense has yet to answer the bell. The 2012 defense was too easy to defeat with huge cushions, but the offense was so bad, the six losses by 16 points or less was seen as the cause of UB's problems for most UB fans other than me.

In 2013, led by Khalil Mack, UB put up impressive defensive efforts but surrendered 26 points per game against their final six opponents, and 40 points per game against their six bowl eligible opponents.

Halfway through 2014, UB's defense has surrendered 35 points per game, 42 points per game against FBS foes. The offense is relatively strong, Running Back Anthone Taylor is 3rd in the nation in rushing yards and 7th in rushing TDs. Joe Licata is 11th in the nation in passing yards and 6th in Passing TDs. This magnifies the scrutiny of the UB defense.

Danny White ignored UB fans and extended Coach Quinn, and that move has for the most part worked out. As the call to relief Coach Tepper of his duties intensifies, will White ignore the fans again? I hope he does not. It is one thing to say you are committed to winning championships, it is quite another thing to demonstrate that commitment. Syracuse showed they won't tolerate mediocre, the Buffalo Athletic Department has shown they will.

Can't Stop the Pass, or Run

In yards per game, there are only two UB teams that allowed more yardage than this year's team; the 1999 team and the 2003 team. In 1999 and 2003, UB went 1-22. If our offense, defense or special teams rivals 1999 or 2003, it is a major problem.

No Identity

Before Saturday, I'd say UB dominates the trenches, stops the run and hopes for the best against the pass. The Army game was an aberration as Army runs their option run and some teams just don't match up well against it. Today, I have no idea what UB's defensive identity is.

Duquesne, couldn't run, but was able to take apart the secondary. Army and EMU abandoned the pass for the option run game, and were very successful. Baylor, Bowling Green and Miami gashed the defense with balance.

UB kept one FCS team under 300 total yards, and have allowed 400+ yards four times. UB's defense identity is futility.

Less effective than 2003

This chart is back to show that although the 2003 defense gave up more yardage, the passing defense is about a yard per attempt and a yard per dropback worse this year.

Going Backwards

Many UB fans feel the UB program is going in the wrong direction. This chart supports the thought. UB's defense was poor in 2006 (although some of that could be due to 0 FCS games and 4 games at ranked opponents). The defense was at it's best around 2009 and 2010, but has since increases slightly, until this year, where the defense is as bad as it has been in a decade.

My theory, has been success in spite of coaching. As the major talent departed, so have the results.

My solution, keep Jeff Quinn. The offense has improved, and they have shown the best indicator of long-term success: successful talent replacement. Taylor has replaced BO the OL stays strong and the Receiver group has performed admirably.

However, you have to force Quinn to be a Head Football coach, he has to make the tough choice to move in a new defensive direction.

Danny White's Twitter bio reads "Working everyday to bring Big Time College Athletics to The State University of New York." Unfortunately, the only thing Big Time for UB Football right now are the big time plays being made against the UB Defense.

Syracuse made their move, it's time for Danny White to force a change.