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UB Bulls Olympic Sports: Weekend Roundup Show

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Join Matt and Dave for the new Weekend Roundup and catch up on all UB teams in action this past weekend.

It's Sunday, and that means it's time for a Weekend Roundup look at UB's Olympic Sports. Dave and I are on with a videocast discussing volleyball, both soccer teams, women's tennis, and rowing on the weekend, while also looking to the week ahead.

Sport-specific links:

Rowing at 2:23

On Rowing: definitely should have looked up to confirm Radcliffe's location. You'll have to watch to see how badly I messed up.

Men's Soccer at 7:25

Women's Soccer at 17:05

I forgot to highlight that the NIU coach called UB goalie Laura Dougall a diver after their Friday game. Good times

Women's Tennis at 25:11

Volleyball at 28:40

I talked forever about volleyball. No harm, no foul I suppose.

The Week Ahead at 43:19