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UB Bulls Olympic Sports: Weekend Roundup Show

Join Matt and Dave for the new Weekend Roundup and catch up on all UB teams in action this past weekend.

It's Sunday, and that means it's time for a Weekend Roundup look at UB's Olympic Sports. Dave and I are on with a videocast discussing volleyball, both soccer teams, women's tennis, and rowing on the weekend, while also looking to the week ahead.

Sport-specific links:

Rowing at 2:23

On Rowing: definitely should have looked up to confirm Radcliffe's location. You'll have to watch to see how badly I messed up.

Men's Soccer at 7:25

Women's Soccer at 17:05

I forgot to highlight that the NIU coach called UB goalie Laura Dougall a diver after their Friday game. Good times

Women's Tennis at 25:11

Volleyball at 28:40

I talked forever about volleyball. No harm, no foul I suppose.

The Week Ahead at 43:19