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The Pregame Meal: UConn - Breakfast


Q&A With the Pregame Meal:

Submit your real or fake questions in the comments and I'll answer them sarcastically:

It's time for a fake question from a fake reader:

"How can UConn get back into a power conference?"

Step 1: Play this music:

Step 2: Fire the coach, hire a guy you know...this guy? NOOOOO! This guy? Yes!

Step 3: Sell soul, move games to Block Island, 14 miles from Long Island, 13 miles from Rhode Island, UConn will be positioned to be both New York's team and New England's team. Block Island has only 1,051 residents, and if they all came out to watch UConn football, it would be a considerable bump in attendance that the Power conferences couldn't ignore.

Step 4: Convert UConn basketball team into tight ends


Step 5: Play 11 tight ends on offense.

Step 6: De-Oblong the ball

Step 7: Lose to Towson, no such thing as bad press

Step 8: Bring in Brady


Step 9: Bribes, sweet nutmeg bribes.

And that's how UConn joins a power conference.

Tailgate Band Primer

Randy Houser - Height of popularity 2013, Average UB Student Age in 2013: 20

Top 5 songs I song-word associated to after hearing the Randy Houser title:

5) Randy Houser - Anything Goes. 112 - Anywhere

4) Randy Houser - Boots On. Jessica Simpson - These Boots are Made for Walking

3) Randy Houser - A Man Like Me. Kings of Leon - Use Somebody

2) Randy Houser - Whistlin' Dixie. Juelz Santana - The Whistle Song

1) Randy Houser - Running Outta Moonlight. Leeann Rimes - Can't Fight the Moonlight

Speaking of Running out of moonlight, the dawn of a new era looms over both Paul Pasqualoni and Jeff Quinn. A win Saturday, could spark a romantic ride into an improved 2013 season. A loss, could be the losing coach's last time behind the wheel of his team.

Connecticut at Buffalo 3:30 pm. UB Stadium. Special Guest Randy Houser.

Stayed tuned for the Pregame Lunch and Dinner.