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Game Week - UConn

Jim Rogash

After a nice sleepy bye week it's time to start getting ready for UConn.

Opponent UConn Conference - AAC
2013 Record 0-3 Losses - Townson
2012 Record 5-7 Big East 2-5
Coach Paul Pasqualoni 10–17
Fan Hangkout TheUConnBlog

Buffalo has gotten to know the Huskies pretty well. This will be the fifth meeting over the past six seasons and the 10th since Buffalo moved up to the MAC in 1999. It's been a rather one sided relationship with UB winning just one game, back in 2001 while the Huskies were still an FCS program.

Date Venue UB Uconn
9/29/2012 @ UConn 17 24
9/24/2011 @ Buffalo 3 17
9/25/2010 @ UConn 21 45
1/3/2009 @ Toronto* 20 38
9/1/2005 @ UConn 0 38
11/20/2004 @ UConn 0 29
9/20/2003 @ Buffalo 7 38
9/14/2002 @ Buffalo 3 24
9/22/2001 @ UConn 37 20
9/16/2000 @ Buffalo 21 24
9/18/1999 @ UConn 0 23
* I - Bowl

The Huskies are of course coming off of a dramatic near win against Michigan which is helping to blunt the fact they opened this season with an FCS loss to Townson.

Over the first 32 minutes of what appeared to be an assured upset, the Huskies produced four Wolverine turnovers and 21 points to shock Michigan. Whitmer played his best game in a UConn uniform, despite taking the field without leading receiver Shakim Phillips and right tackle Kevin Friend. He finished 16-32 for 159 yards, a pair of touchdowns and one costly interception.

Quinn is 0-2 against UConn and until his recent contract extension was signed some *cough* me *cough* had thought this might have been a make or break game for the Buffalo coach. But despite the news about Quinn this week or UB Nations understandable reaction there still is a coach fighting for his job this week. Paul Pasqualoni is 10-17 in two plus seasons and his boss, Warde Manuel (former Buffalo AD) has to be under pressure to get UConn back to a bowl game.