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The Pregame Meal: Stony Brook - Lunch

Q & A and UB tailgate band primer.


Q&A With the Pregame Meal, submit your real or fake questions in the comments and I'll answer them sarcastically:

It's time for a fake question from a fake reader:

"How can Stony Brook better position themselves for FBS?"

Step 1: Play this music:

Step 2: Ditch the red and blue, change to Black and White

Step 3: Play in New York City's newest and most exciting sporting venue, the Barclay's Center

Still safer than FedEx Field, Original photo Via Alex Trautwig

Step 4: Add lyn to your name, Brooklyn is hot right now...Stony Brooklyn Seawolves

Step 5: De-emphasize seawolves, it's all about Stony Brooklyn

Step 6: Bring in Brady


Step 7: Drop the "Stony"

And that's how you become the FBS Brooklyn Seawolves

Tailgate Band Primer

While Jeff Quinn's road record has plummeted to 2-18, (10%), it's ok because we're going home, where Jeff Quinn is a surprisingly adequate 7-11 (39%). This is appropriate because UB Stadium is always open, just like a 7-11, due to the fact that New York State took our "finish the stadium" money and gave it to Stony Brook and left our stadium agape with holes at the corners.

A home game also means the return of the tailgate and the start of a new tradition, the tailgate concert. I shudder to think about how much were paying these people to entertain us, instead of using that money to make the product on the field more entertaining, but I digress:

Blue's Traveler - Height of popularity 1995, Average UB Student Age in 1995: 2

Top 5 songs that you think are, but are in fact not Blue's Traveler:

5) Two Princes - Spin Doctors

4) Round Here - Counting Crows

3) Hook - Apparently the judges are telling me that IS Blue's Traveler

2) Let Her Cry - Hootie and the Blowfish

1) All For You - Sister Hazel

Blue's Traveler in detail from trusted UB, Music, and New York City (booo) correspondent @tarynasaurusRax

The year was 1995 and the New Jersey band, Blues Travelers had two Top 25 singles in the United States with "Hook" and "Run-Around". In true Buffalo fashion, nothing says hit ‘em hard, get the crowd jumping, let's motivate these players to punch out a win more than a #4 song on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart.; see LeAnn Womack.

Unlike most of the student body that will be at this game, I was and am a fan of Blues Travelers. A fat guy (in a little coat) with a harmonica, showing you what 475 pounds of lung capacity could do is more motivating than one would think. Add in the jam band, smokers' delight, psychedelic-funk genre these guys generally fit into and you have what plays under every tie-dye-covered, lofted bed in Fargo.

As I hopped onto a music genome project to relive some of the sweet tunes of crooner Popper, I realized how much their lyrics touched my oft-crushed yet optimistic Bulls' fan heart.  Right from the gate, Run Around seemed to be about the woes of a UB fan. I didn't have to change the lyrics much but figured it was time to lift the thinly-veiled cover off of this award-winning track to really show that the Bulls Blues Travelers are Bulls fans.

Follow along and leave some lyrics of your own below if you wish, as you try to erase the memory of last week's loss and forge ahead to crush the Seawolves!

Real Lyric:


Once upon a midnight dreary

I woke with something in my head

I couldn't escape the memory

Of a phone call and of what you said

UB Lyric:

Oh, once upon a Waco day, steamy

I choked with a thought in my head

How can I escape this memory

of the 43 points they now led

Real Lyric:

But you

Why you wanna give me a run-around

Is it a sure-fire way to speed things up

When all it does is slow me down

UB Lyric:

Oh Bulls

Why you wanna give me a run-around

While Molly's a surefire way to speed things up

Your first quarter mistakes will surely slow me down