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Road To Columbus - Cordero Dixon

Welcome to:
Population - 15,355
Home Of
Cordero Dixon
Miles Traveled

4 1 5 9
2013 UB Football

6 5

UB Stadium


Ohio Stadium


Brought to you by Wiki - Playtown Suwanee is a super playground built by 1,200 volunteers who worked to build it in 2004. It is known as "the playground my mommy and daddy built."

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2011 Highlights - Played in three games, mainly special teams.

2012 Highlights - Last season in eight starts Dixon mad made 10 catches for 96 yards for the season and also stood in as the team’s main punt returner, taking 10 punts for 31 yards.

2013 Outlook - Dixon came out of the spring behind Alex Neutz on the depth chart. Hughes will once again be a utility player who will see the field in most games particularly in four receiver sets.

Nickname - The Suwanee Speedster